Thursday, October 8, 2009

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I got this from Laura's blog: Life Happens, who first got it from Tiff at My Journey in Motherhood!

The logistics:

  1. Say thanks and give a link to the one who gave you the award.

  2. Share 10 honest things about yourself.
  3. Present this award to 9 other fantastically brilliant blogs of content or design, or peeps that have encouraged you.
  4. Tell those 9 people they've been awarded and make sure they're informed of these guidelines. goes.

1. Although I very rarely swear anymore (Thank you Jesus, this is truly a miracle), I do still swear on the inside quite a bit.  This is something I am working on.  Getting better daily.  But it's a work in process.

2. I don't like hair on sinks.  I really hate hair all together, anywhere but on the person/animal it belongs to.  Unfortunately, I'm a girl with long(ish) hair and I "shed".  AND, I have a Golden yeah, my house is flooded with hair.  Refer back to #1 for further clarification on this problem with hair.

3. I love mexican food.  I could (and pretty much do) eat it every day and be totally content.

4. Being in the country soothes my soul.  I long to be in a field of daisies..looking at my farm house off in the distance.

5. I've decided I would like to go to Ireland to rent a little cottage (or whatever they would be called there) on the nothing but read books, watch old movies, burn candles, eat cozy food and drink hot chocolate.  No work.  No site seeing.  Just me and the countryside.  There will be random sheep on the countryside.

6. I love prophetic worship.  Jason Upton being my favorite so far.  I love the way he allows the Holy Spirit to move through him. I listen to his music probably more than anything else.  Also enjoy Don Potter and am getting into Rick Pino, too.  Turn off the lights and let the Spirit move.  ahhh

7. I don't like to sweat.  At all.  Ever.

8. Screaming ill mannered children grate on my nerves.  Again, refer back to #1.

9. I'm somewhat of a hermit.  I love being home.  Probably because I'm not here much.  But having a day at home where all I have to do is relax and nap at my leisure..divine.

10.  My main goal is to grow into all He wants me to be...both as His daughter as well as my family's wife, mother, daughter, sister,'s a daily struggle.  But with growth comes growing pains.  The pains show me that I am indeed growing, so for this I am thankful :)


  1. Does it sound like I have more than one husband when I say "my familys wife? LOL I totally don't. One hubby for me :0)

  2. I swear on the inside too. Ugh. I used to have anger issues and sometimes they still creep up... but at least I don't actually say the things that run in my head. I'm sure some people would be shocked. I should probably work harder at having better thoughts.