Wednesday, October 7, 2009

This was at the end of my devotional this morning.  It was perfect.  Thought I'd share it with you.  Because sometimes that little dash can involve changes that we aren't necessarily going to enjoy but ones that are necessary in order to grow into all He wants/requires us to be.  Have a beautiful day guys.  Love you so much.  You can do it..whatever "it" may be for you today.  You may not be strong enough on your own, but with the guidance and help of your can do ALL things!

Here's the quote:

You may live much longer, or you may not. Only God knows. You don't decide when your life starts or ends, but you decide what to do with that little dash in the middle. What are you doing with yours? *Greg Laurie*


We'll chat soon..


  1. Nice to 'meet' you on your blog!
    I love Francine Rivers' books as well, although she hasn't written anything new for way too long! Have you read the Mark of the Lion series!? You must if you haven't.... it's even better than Redeeming Love... I know, how could that be possible, but I think it's better because it's 3 books worth! lol
    Looking forward to getting to know you and your family .... gotta love the internet! :o)

  2. I haven't read those ones yet. I've started reading And the Shofar Blew, it's upstairs :) And I've gotten through almost all of her books on tape for the Women who changed history series..Mary, Bathsheba, Ruth, Tamar and Rahab. The one on Ruth was beautiful.

    I've just barely found her, and by accident really so I'm enjoying my new found fun! I will have to check out the Mark of the Lion series, I did see it on her site.

    So glad to be chatting with you!