Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prayer, friends, and diets, oh my!

Gayle is back in the hospital due to contractions.  Please pray with us that they stop.  Also, for Gayle that she would stay still and on bed rest as the doctors have asked.  It's so hard to be still when you start to feel better.  Especially for someone so active.  But rest is what is needed.  Hopefully they can get the contractions to stop and she can go  home.  Still no sign of infection, though, so that is good!  Thanks :)

We did well at the TBQ match in Nyssa on Saturday.  The kids had fun, and so did we!  Then we came home and ran back out for my brother and sister in laws birthday party.  Another fun time!

Friday night (I know, I should have started with Friday..) we had our friend Jen and her kiddos over for a "playdate" while our men went and saw Book of Eli.  We had so much fun I hear the movie was great, too!  I look forward to seeing it.  Later that night I got some unexpected time with my friend, Judy.  Was a nice surprise!

Today we stayed home from church and just enjoyed eachothers company in the peace and quiet of home.  Then Chris and Ash went down for drama practice at 3.  I took J to his LaCrosse lesson at 4.  It was his first one, my brother is coaching him.  He did really well!  He's got a great coach :)  Then we came home, made up some dinner and took it down to drama practice where we hung out till 9. 

It's been a long weekend!  But, a good one :)

It's cold, dark, and windy here. 

Dieting is going fine.  Can't wait till it's over.  Nuff said.

Hope your weekend was spifftastic!  Love you :)

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