Saturday, January 9, 2010

My baby turned 14, and Steven Segal is still on TV

What a busy week!  We had Ash's 14th bday party and then her friend spent the night.  The party was soo loud, which isn't unusual, but it just seemed to hit a whole new octive (sp).  My friend, Tierney reminded me "They're making memories."  This made me reevaluate the "ITS SO LOUD IN HERE" comment.  I then enjoyed the noise..for about 3 minutes.  haha 

The next day we all went out shopping.  The girls got all that they "needed" and we got what were wanting too!  Had a nice lunch and a subpar dinner..but we were together and that's what matters :)  Our bedroom and bathroom are finally starting to come together.  Can't decide if I will end up painting or not.

My friend invited us to to go the Governor's dinner and ball this weekend, would have been a blast but we don't possess any black tie affair clothing..nor the money to get it..nor the time to go.  Can't wait to see the pictures though..hopefully she will get to sneek in some quality time with her sweet Daddy.  That family has always been so loving and welcoming to me, just love 'em. 

Tomorrow is J's last JBQ match of the "year", can you believe it!!!  Crazy.  I'm excited to get a break, but sad it's over.  Not sure if he will continue on next "year" or not.  We'll see.  Chris and I will most likely continue to be involved.  Ash hasn't decided yet either.

Went to clean the gym tonight with Jess.  Todd won't be able to help her for quite awhile I think.  So I'll fill in till he can.  Doesn't seem like work when we're together though.  We have so much fun laughing and laughing and laughing.  Feels so good to laugh.

Well, it's super late and I'm super exhausted.  Have a full weekend ahead of us, but that's not unusual :)  I'm excited to get to sleep in a bit on Sunday morning since quiz is over!  Ash still has to be there early..hmm..I wonder if she'd like to walk so we can all sleep in? Ok, you know I wouldn't allow that.

Oh, please pray for my friend Tiffany, she had her wisdom teeth pulled today! YEEOUCH!

BTW, I tried that new 5 layer burrito thingy at Taco Bell tonight. The commercials make it look disgusting, but it's not!  SO YUMMY!  Crunchwrap Supreme is still my fave, though.

I'm watching a Steven Segal movie..alone.  Is that weird to anyone?  LOL  Ok bye.


  1. Sounds like fun! My birthday party will probably not be very loud, but then it will be primarily adults with a few babies and a few that really changes the dynamics of things. Your friend is right, they're making memories... :) Although sometimes even memory-making goes over the top!!! Haha! ;D

  2. BTW, I tagged you for some awards!! :)

  3. Anonymous11:13 PM

    We are so glad to hear that Ashley's B-day party went well and that she had such a wonderful time. She deserves it. Give her our love.
    Tell J that we wish him and his team the best of luck on Sunday. GO J!!!!!