Sunday, January 10, 2010

Friend tag things

Hi!  Ok, thanks to Rebekah over at Cowgirl for Jesus I am now active link smart!  :)  I remember someone had told me awhile back how to do it, but obviously I lost those instructions! 

Anyway, Rebekah has awarded me with these special awards and so now it's my turn to post awards on my page :) (P.S. R, thanks for thinking I'm lovely :) )

The first one is:


1. Thank the person who gave the award.

2. Copy the award.

3. Post it on your blog.

4. Tell seven things about yourself that your readers don't know.

5. Link seven new bloggers as recipients.

6. Notify the winners with comments on their blogs.

7. Keep being awesome!

1. My eyes are very dry (yet watering..hmm) and burning right now.  Ouch!

2. It frustrates me when the editing in shows is so raunchy that (reality tv including food network/hgtv, etc) that they show people with different clothes/hairstyles proving that the clips they've pieced together are from all different times..although they are trying to make you believe otherwise.  Reality my butt.

3.  I got a new bag the other day!  It's technically a purse, but I can't call it that because I don't use it as a purse, because I don't like purses.  But it holds my Bible case, and Bible Quiz binders, and water very nicely!  Love it

4.  We have a ton of DVD/BluRay's in the house.  I've seen maybe 1/4 of them.

5.  I'm pretty sure the act of folding and putting away laundry is straight from the playbook of the devil.

6.  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, even though it makes me sneeze.

7.  I love to house hunt.  Even though I can't buy one, cuz I can't sell mine.  I love to hunt.  My husband hunts animals, I hunt homes. 

I give this "Lovely Lady Lovely Blog" award to: (mine are not in any particular order..)

1. Jen

2. Tierney

3. Tiffany

4. Rebekah

5. Georgiann

6. Aurora

7. Laura

The second award:

The Lemonade Stand Award is awarded for being a blogger who shows great attitude and gratitude.

There are just a few rules for accepting this wonderful award:

- Put the Lemonade logo on your blog or within your post.

- Nominate at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude.

- Link the nominees within your post.

- Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

- Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award.

**Ok, so I nominate all of the same people I gave awards to in the first one!  But, since this one asks for 10, here are the other 3 (again, in no particular order.).



My main squeeze, Chris (guys are allowed in this one, right?)

Ok, now this one is the link one.  Also, from Rebekah (her link is up top, remember?)

Here are the rules:

1. Do quick post about the person that tagged you saying thanks

2. Answer the 10 questions

3.Tag 6 people

4. Follow 3 new blogs and list them

5. Challenge one person to do something fun or crazy

Here are the 10 questions:

1: Have you ever been to a rodeo?
Absolutely, nothin better than a Texas rodeo!

2: Have you ever tried to ride a cow?
Um, no.

3: Have you ever milked a cow or goat?

4: Have you ever been to a Demolition Derby?
No, but I've thought about it!


a:What is your favorite Country song?

Gotta go classic and say: Fancy

b: Who's the artist?

6: Do you like to hunt?

7: Have you ever cooked your breakfast over an open fire in your backyard?
Not in this one..cooked it in the front yard of one we lived in down in the North End, though.

8: Have you ever thought that the muck was shallow and when you stepped in it, you sank knee deep?
Not knee deep, but mid shin.

9: What is the hardest thing you have ever done?
Being a good and faithful servant, wife, and mommy is definitely the hardest thing I've done, and continue to do.  But, the rewards are overwhelming!

10: (The question is optional) What's one of your most embarrassing moments?
My son (3 at the time I think) pooping in my friends daughters room and then my friend went in thinkin her dogs had done it..and well, you can imagine the rest.  Horrible.  HORRIBLE!  Funny though.

For this I tag:

1. The followers of this blog!!

2. And anyone else who wants to do it!

I don't havea ny new blogs to follow right now..I don't read any without following so I have nothing new to follow without going out and finding them! 

Happy Sunday :)

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  1. Yes! Yes yes yes!! I knew you could do it!! Hooray for you!! ;)