Friday, January 15, 2010

Letter from a Missionary serving in Haiti

My sister in law sent out this email, and update from Chelsea's Mom on their ongoing struggle to be reunited with their kids.  For background on this, read my previous post asking for prayer for Haiti by clicking HERE.

Here is the note from the family:

Byron believes that our children need to be evacuated, if at all possible.  I confess to being resistant to this.

Bodies are literally lining the streets, covered in sheets, many of them identified - but not all of them.  As you know it is very warm in Haiti.  This is a very bad combination, which will be made much worse if it begins to rain.  The potential for spreading disease increases exponentially at this point. So, against my strongest desire, I am asking that you pray the embassy permits my children to be evacuated with Kelly Tobin.

FURTHER......please pray they issue an emergency visa so that Belle can fly with them.  We do not have her passport as it was just turned into the Ministry of Immigration for the receipt of her new passport with our name.  We have nothing.  We are trying to work with the embassy - and have not been able to speak with a "real person" as of this moment.

JUST LEARNED that our tickets have been cancelled again.  We do not know what to do.

Isabelle is the biggest, BIGGEST piece of this very difficult puzzle.  We cannot leave her.

At present we have run out of options - ONLY GOD CAN PROVIDE ANSWERS, DIRECTION, A CLEAR PATH.

We really need a clear path.

**Also, here's my update on Gayle for today:

The doctors are allowing Gayle to go home today! She is still to be extremely careful, but they feel she is at a point where she can go home. If any infection arises, they will have to take the babies. So prayers are still needed!

Just a few days ago the doctors told her there was no hope and wanted to take the babies. She refused. And, today, praise GOD, she gets to go home. Our God is a good God! We pray for and believe with expectancy for her total healing and for the safety of the babies. NO INFECTION!!

I’ll let you know as I hear more.

Thank you for your continued prayers!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I have been praying for both of these situations. Please keep me updated.

  2. Thank you for updating us!! Will continue praying for both situations!!