Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hairless Cats. EWW!

The Thirst is Taking over by Skillet..LOVE IT!  Have you heard it?  It's on my playlist somewhere, but here's a YouTube for it. :)


It was a good..umm...stressful...successful..sunshiney day!  Got my new Billy Blanks Boot Camp Ab Blaster DVD in the mail today (Netflix)..LOVE IT!!!!  It's so great. 

Have you listened to the song yet?

We got to have blueberry pancakes for dinner tonight with bacon!  It was a bit of a splurge in the sugar/carb realm, but fit easily into the calorie marker.  So, we did it :)  The kids were excited.  I ran out of greens last night so salads are out till payday.  The kids will have a small reprieve.  Is that how you spell reprieve?  I don't think it is.

Helped Jess clean a house this morning..was nice to get out of the house!  It's pretty sad when your only time to hang out with your friend is if you tag along on a job.  :)  She bought me a salad for helping her and it was DELISH!!!  We were at Subway.  I tell the guy I want the Grilled Chicken Breast Salad. (that is the title of it on the menu)  He says, "Uh, what kind of chicken do you want?"  All butthole-ish.  I'm like uh..the kind that bocks?  Dear Lord.   I didn't say that to him.  I just said, "Um, the Grilled Chicken Breast that it says it comes with.  Whatever chicken you'd like to give me, don't care."  He was sooo rude from beginning to end!!  Oh well, he made a great salad.  And, he wore gloves.  Granted, he wore the same gloves to make my salad, work the oven, get the food bag, and close out the sale.  So everything is contaminated, but that's ok.  At least his hands are clean under the gloves.

We had major drama with tiny Greta puppy today!  See..she's growing.  And, although still extremely small..she's a jumper.  A very talented jumper.  She loves to jump from couch to couch to rocking chair to ground, and repeat.  Well, today she jumped to the rocking chair and stood there for a second and then something happened and I hear all of this crashing and puppy screaming and crying and wimpering.  She had somehow fallen off of the rocking chair and must have hit every different part of it, as well as the movie case on the way down.  Felt SOOOOOO bad for her!!!  Then later, I let her outside and kind of sort of got sidetracked and kind of sort of may have forgotten that I'd let her outside.  Neighborhood kids came knockin' on the door..we ignore them.  Then all of the sudden, I'm like ummm is Greta still outside?  Chris looks at me bewildered.  Oh crayap.  I go outside and can hear the same kids talking to the neighbor and hear him saying "That's a small breed!  She's cute.  Where did you find her?"  I run in and tell Chris, "THE NEIGHBOR HAS MY BABY, GO GET HER QUICK!!!"  Mind you, the neighbor has 2 pit bulls that will eat Greta for a snack.  Chris goes over and rescues her, brings her back into me.  She was shaking she was so scared.  I told Chris, "My baby has had a hard day.  She is traumatized.  I'm sitting down with her."  After some cuddle time she felt better.  *sigh*  I was a bad puppy Mommy today :(

Have you ever seen one of these cats?

Yeah, hideous demons, right???  THESE are the cats that caused my allergy attack today!  The ones that were at the house had very, very short hair..almost non existant.  But, let me just tell you right now..when those things came running for me I FAREAKED OUT.  I screamed bloody murder and ran for the kitchen and jumped up on the counter.  Absolutely freaking hideously ugly nasty demons.  I was having a panic attack.  Jess had to "talk me down".  I found the squirt bottle the lady uses for training them and used it on one of them to get it away from me.  While I was mopping the floor on hands and knees I obviously couldn't also hold a water bottle .. one came meowing and looking like it wanted to touch me with one of it's freakishly long legs, so I hissed at it.  It ran away.  THESE CATS ARE BIG, PEOPLE!  Jess was standing in the living room talking to me and one went up and rubbed himself on her leg and it's long snakey rat tail ALMOST touched her crotch!  DISGUSTING.

Well, that's all I have for now.  Love you!


  1. Sarah you are hilarious! I SO wish I could have been there to watch you. Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. Barbara6:19 PM

    They are pretty unique looking! AND I used to think they would not cause allergy attacks for folks with that problem, but NOOOO! It seems they produce a LOT of dander, which is really what causes the allergic reaction in most people! WHY would people do that to kitties?

  3. Yeah, I told Jess, "God did NOT create these things. He created CATS, but He most certainly did NOT make THESE. A human did this." Filthy, filthy. The first time I went to this ladies house she had a completely bald one and it was so freaky I can't even tell you. Now she has these two new ones (got rid of the other one) and they have super super super short, almost non existant, hair...hypo-allergenic my patooty!

  4. Funny you should mention the hairless cats, Harris has lost a lot of his hair and doesn't quite look that bad, but he's getting there. He looks like a drowned rat.

  5. Eeek!! Poor Harris! He had so much hair before, what happened?