Monday, January 4, 2010

Putting Christmas stuff away is overrated..are the Bronco's? No.

So..I haven't put the Christmas stuff away.  I have put all of the downstairs stuff on the couch in a pile.  So it's at least moved.  The tree and nativity set are still up, upstairs.  The lights are still up outside and there is most likely a warning notice on the way from the HOA regarding the lights.  Joy!

Had a great first day back at (home)school with J today.  We laughed so hard..  He just cracks me up. 

I made chili today, and homemade mac n cheese.  Can't wait to eat!  Well, I'm not in the mood for chili, but mac n cheese will be good.  And it seems that I always make chili on a football game why change now!  Plus it lasts forever which cuts down on my cooking for the next few days!

BSU is playing in the Fiesta Bowl in about an hour from now.  We will watch it at home.  My bro and his wife were gonna maybe come over but ended up having to go elsewhere.  So it will just be us at home.  Which is actually ok.  I'd love to have them here, but if they can't be here..this is the next best thing :)

Hope you've had a wonderful Monday!


  1. Mmm, mac and cheese, and chili... What is it with people posting today about food without including the recipes??? You get our mouths a-watering and then don't give us the recipes to make it ourselves!! Humph! :)

    Maybe I should issue a recipe-day challenge -- where everybody who gets tagged has to post a recipe and tag other that's an IDEA....... :)

  2. Homemade mac is my favorite!!

  3. I'm on my "real" computer instead of my laptop this morning and DANG my stuff on my page is huge! Look at that signature! Almost twice the size of how it looks on the laptop. I will have to fool with that later.

    Anyway..I don't have a lot of recipes when it comes to cooking..i just "do it". BUT, I do have a great cake recipe that I will post for you! I'll try to get that up today :)