Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Annoyances and Blessings

Listening to someone talk with cotton mouth.  One of the most annoying sounds in the world.

Employers who give you money that is proven to be yours only to decide (after you've spent it) that it really wasn't yours and they want it back, and it will wipe out your paycheck. But then they'll give you some of it back, later. One of the most annoying practices in the world.

People in power making random, round about, passive aggressive comments that break down instead of build up, in an effort to remove responsibility and step up another rung on the pride ladder.  One of the most annoying actions in the world.

Educational establishments who can't figure out up from down and royaly screw up your schedule thus making your son do double work for no reason at all.  One of the most annoying shows of incompetance in the world.

A governmental system that will only allow you to receive unemployment benefits shoud you be looking for a FULL time job, even though you HAVE a full time job but it just doesn't pay.  No option for reduced benefit if you can only do a part time job.  One of the most "I have your stuff but you can't have it" annoyances in the world.

A husband who loves you, and holds you in his strong, loving arms, and tells you how much he loves you, and how the Lord will take care of everything, and kisses your cheek, and smiles while looking into your eyes.  One of the most precious moments in the world.

Children who adore you, and praise you, and compliment your meals, and do as they are asked without complaining, and find joy in the little things like a trip to the library.  One of the hugest blessings in the world.

Puppies who run to cuddle and kiss on you, no matter your mood or how you  may have just yelled at them to MOVE.  One of the most silly yet enjoyable things in the world.

Just realizing that you've forgotten a load of laundry in the washing machine for 2 days.  Well that's what we call the cherry on top of the turd cake.

Did someone say, cake?


  1. Going in to re wash that laundry you remembered only to find that you DID remember to put it in the dryer. Blessing from Daddy God. Yeehaw!!