Wednesday, August 13, 2008

All the latest and greatest....

Howdy y'all, hope everyone is doing dandy. Lots and lots of happenings lately. We took Ash to her new middle school last night and she got her class schedule and locker assignment. Then we toured the school and found all her classrooms. She also signed up as a volunteer at the school store and picked up some info on joining the Pep Club. Still shying away from sports but whatever, maybe she'll decide later that she wants to do them again...if not that's fine too. We have an open house on the 21st where she can go around and meet all her teachers and move into her locker and then D-Day is on the 22nd. I can't believe summer is already over and the kids are starting school again.

J starts the same day and is also supposed to be having an open house and class list postings soon, although no details yet. Actually I should check that now that I think about it, hold please.........


...........ah well guess what? His open house is the exact same night and time as Ashley's. HA HA, perfect. Well we have a two hour window so I guess we'll just have to split the time between the two. J's probably won't take as long since he only has one teacher and we already know the school so we can probably afford to dedicate a bit more time for Ash. Looks like elementary class scheds will go up this Friday as well. Cool stuff.

So besides school and work, we have a TON of stuff going on this month. We are pretty much booked solid. Some highlights:

Sarah's aunt visits this week. Sarah will be heading over to see them on Thurs. and then proceeding to go shopping for wedding/b-day gifts and a dress for this weekend's festivities.

Friday is poker night

Saturday I take the kids to see the new Clone Wars movie, then Sarah and I have a wedding to go to that evening. Mom will come over to watch the kids and then I think stay the night.

Sunday I guess I was volunteered to make a big breakfast, then church, then our friend's daughter's b-day party

Monday continues birthday week. Sarah goes out with her buddy Jess on her b-day that day, Wed is our friend Leanne's b-day (you may remember her from the Rock Band vid), Thurs is Amber's b-day

The weekend of the 22nd, after the kids get out of school and Sarah gets off work, we are (hopefully) going camping. YAY! Our first, and seemingly only at this point, family camping trip of the year. I really hope everything pans out and we get to go.

Last week of Aug will see school getting into full swing and our schedules switching back out of vacation mode. All new adventures and the such. Last weekend of Aug we have plans for our 13th anniversary. Nothing fancy, just dropping off the kids and going out to a nice dinner. It'll be great to get out together and spend some time alone, its a rare commodity. I can't believe we've been married for 13 YEARS already!! Hooray for us!!! Sheesh....look how far we've come it after all, sure wouldn't want to be without you (that's an inside one for you babe, ha ha).

Well that's about it for us...for the time being anyway. But wait, there's a whole wide world out there too. In case you've been in a cave, you've probably heard about the Olympics. We've been watching them off and on...not religious or anything, but enough to keep up. Big happenings recently.

Michael Phelps won his 11th gold medal yesterday making him the winningest gold medalist in Olympic history now. Way to go. The dude is a machine. Still trying to break the record for most golds in a single Olympics so we'll see how that goes.

Not so great night for the "women's" gymnastics team. I say "women's" cuz most of them are still teenagers, but no less talented. Came down to the US vs. China (as usual) and the US team just couldn't hold it together. They made some costly mistakes and allowed the underage China team to take Gold. US won silver, but in a less than stellar performance. Hopefully soon the true ages of the kiddies on China's team will be revealed and the gold will be stripped and given to the US. Might sound harsh and I'm sorry, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO F-ING WAY that the girls on that China team are at least 16. One of them looked like she was still losing baby teeth for crap's sake. Everyone knows it, but China has produced "documentation" to prove their age....yeah, whatever. The truth is out there.

Oh, big news for Boise. A Boise woman triathlete won a gold medal in cycling at the Olympics last night. Super cool, we're on the world map now! Congrats to her.

Well that's about it for now. Have a great humpday and I'll catch everyone on the flip side!

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  1. I'm tired just reading our blog. LOL! Remember, I also have to put in lots of extra hours at work this week and next! I should say GET to..the extra money will be nice with all the stuff we have going on!

    Look how far we've come INDEED! :) awww you're a sweetie. I super love you ;)