Monday, August 11, 2008

This is my lapdog, Sadie Lady :)

Well, she doesn't really understand that she's a 60+ lb dog. She's happy to be held n cuddled. And, has no problem whatsoever climbing up into your lap, even if she is suffocating you with chest hair (that's usually all you can see if she does this..a wall of chest hair). She's just a sweet lil girl and I love her to death.

When company comes over I want to kill her, though. She has to be center of attention (as is the norm for goldies..whatever). As in she wants you to pet her AT ALL TIMES. She must be loved on. And she slowly walks from person to person..pacing around..until someone gives in. Drives me INSANE. But, it's my own fault. Because when no one is here, she gets constant love and attention, and I do stupid things like encourage her to sit on Momma's lap. Hmm..I guess that's a fair deal. I'd rather have a loving dog than one that is scared of or hates people.

Our new goal this week is to not let her get up on couches downstairs. They are fabric. And they are covered in her hair. I vacuum them, but it doesn't help it much. When we first got her she was never allowed on those couches. But then as the whole house filled with hair, I figured, what the hell does it matter. The hair is on the couch anyway, might as well let her on them, it couldn't be THAT much worse. WELLLL That's like saying, "I'm already dirty from camping and not showering for a week. Might as well never shower again. Couldn't get much worse". Now they might as well be fur couches.

SO begins the battle.

She goes out and sneaks up on them, and we go out and tell her to get down. We repeat this several times every 2 minutes. We're contemplating becoming alcoholics so that we will be too drunk to care that she disobeys and messes crap up.

Well, that's my update for the moment. Now I'm off to watch Jurassic Park with our tiny son while Ash is upstairs playing with Nikki.

Love ya!


  1. I have a 90lb pit bull and 80lb Husky that think they are little lap dogs as well. I used to let them in the house but after vacumning three times a day to rid the carpet and furniture of the hair they have been moved to outdoor dogs.

  2. Dogs will be dogs and we love 'em anyway, eh? She knows who really is boss, but she is too polite and gentle to remind you that it's not you! Ah, I miss my little doggies...