Thursday, August 7, 2008

Two years ago today Chris' Aunt Kathy died suddenly. Exactly one year after Aunt Kathy passed, our dog Tess died suddenly. I'm praying nothing tragic happens today on the one year anniversary of Tess' death. I'm not superstitious, it was just a weird thing to have happen. Still miss both of them everyday.

Anyway, just wanted to post pics of them today and remember how wonderful they were in our lives!

Aunt Kathy always brought a smile to my face and I enjoyed all of our chats, especially when I was living in Texas. She & Uncle Tim were always there to let me know that even though we'd moved so far away, we still had family who loved us.

And, Tess..well, Tess and I fought like only mother and daughter (dog) can! But, we loved each other like crazy, too. She was a quirky lil dog..Chris would make fun of us b/c one of us would do something to offend the other and then we would quit talking to each other for sometimes weeks at a time. But, sooner or later we always came back to each other and cuddle time resumed. I'll never forget the last 2 horrendous days leading up to her death (she was gone within 4 days), or how she looked at me, how she couldn't eat or drink unless I spoon fed her..she couldn't walk unless I helped her. I'll spare you the other details..but it was just horrible.

I guess we all hope that the ones we love will go peacefully in their sleep, and at an age we deem appropriate. That didn't happen for Aunt Kathy, or for Tess. But, in both deaths we learned to hold those in our lives very close to our hearts and to not let anything stand in the way of our relationships. Because we truly never know when our last moments with them will be.

Unfortunately there are always a few relationships where you hit walls and won't be let in, for whatever reason..or sometimes for no reason (seemingly). But, even if some are shut off to us, it doesn't mean we can't show love to them, right? I guess it's just like the Lord with His children..even when we shut Him out and act as if we don't need Him or want Him around, He never leaves us. He never forsakes us. He loves us unconditionally. And, we can do that for our family and friends, too. In fact, that is what we are called to do in His word..Love one another, as He has loved us.

I hope that today brings you joy, and that even for those of us who are still mourning..that we will also be able to find the happy memories coming to mind throughout the day. Every time I see a beautiful garden (or a squirrel!), I think of Aunt Kathy. And, every time I look to the side of my bed, I think of Tess and how she'd lay right there while I slept..always there.

Sending up balloons to heaven and doggy heaven today as we remember our 2 girls!

Love you guys :)


  1. Sarah,
    What beautiful and loving tributes to both Kathy and Tess. I was very moved by them. You always say the most touching things. Kathy is sorely missed by the entire family. I still can't believe that she is gone, but we will alway remember her in our hearts.
    I love the things about you and Tess and how you would bicker. That is just GRRRRRRRRREAT! She was a jewel. We miss them both.

  2. You are such a sweet girl!!