Sunday, August 10, 2008

Out of all the pics I got at the farm today, this one was by far my fave. My little niece, Monet, sleeping like an angel. Awww, she's so sweet.

Church was great today. Mom n Dad came out and went with us. Nice to find a church where people are alive and allowed to clap/dance/raise hands, etc if they feel like it, or just stand and have either one be ok. Ahhhh, what a breath of fresh air. And more than that, to be in a place that embraces our beliefs, is fantastic. Hard to find churches like that here in Idaho.

Anyway, after we got home we got ready and I took Ash back out to the horses. Jon and DeAnna, Monet, Mom and Dad were all out there. Terry n Lana were home this weekend, too. So it was nice for me to have people to talk to while Ash had her lesson and rode around. Plus, it was a perfect day. Not too hot, not to cool..jusssst right.

Now we're back home. Chris is going to make us up some homemade fried food tonight. It was Ashley's idea. It's called "FRY FEST". He's going to make fried zucchini (fresh from my neighbors garden!), onion rings, mozzarella sticks, and chicken nuggets. I'll be making up the ranch to dip it all in! And then as we're enjoying it, we will all take time to pray safety over our bodies from all the crap we're ingesting..that we don't fall over from heart attack after eating! Joni, what was that we were saying about us eating in moderation and healthier? Hmm..guess I'll get back on the wagon TOMORROW! heehee ;)

Oh, last night was so much fun. We bbq'd with Leslie & Ryan and baby Cooper and then after that Jeff & Leanne came over and we all went upstairs for our Rockband festivities. Ash got some of it on tape, Chris is putting together a video of it now. I'm sure it will make an appearance to the blog very soon. :) Kept hoping that all of the noise and moving around would make Leanne go into labor..but no luck! Oh well..anyway, when everyone had had enough we came downstairs and ate some lemon bars that Chris had made earlier and then they all packed up and left us. As they were getting in their cars I thought it was the perfect opportunity to prune back one of my bushes as it is completely covered in bees all day. Had to chop off the flowers. Ryan thought I was crazy to be pruning bushes at 11:30 at night. Well, maybe just a little :) But anyone who knows me, knows that I do my best work at night! AND, this morning there was only one bee on the bush, so I call it MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! But,'s a pic from last night. Captures some of us at least (Jeff & I didn't make the cut)!

Hope you've all had a great weekend, and that the week to come will be wonderful, too. Love you!


  1. Great photo. Can't wait for the CD/DVD to come out. Will keep checking back. So Sarah didn't drool into the mic? Hope not you cute little drooler, you! Hope it's all better today.
    Love you all so much.

  2. Fun time! And there is Sadie-girl right in the middle, groovin' along! Can't wait to see the vidoe of the rock STARS!!!

  3. Oh, yeah..I keep forgetting to write about my teeth! LOL The one that was crazy tiny that he filled is the one that's causing problems with sensitivity. But, I already have sensitivity in that tooth, so I'll wait a couple days before I go back crying ;) It's more annoying than seriously painful. Unless, as I found out yesterday, I bite down on a tortilla chip. OUCH!!!!!!!!!! And then cold drinks hurt, too.

    But, no drooling, except yesterday when I took my first tylenol. It was kinda funny.

    OH, and I never sing on Rockband..I would wake the dead! haha I just do Bass and occassionally (sp?) guitar.

    Chris is trying to upload the video now..unfortunately there isn't any footage of me playing! Would have embarrassed everyone cuz I'm SO GOOD! LOL

  4. I loved the video but didn't see you playing in it. I did see you though.

  5. I forgot to tell you...that Saturday or Sunday can always be your gorge day. Then you start again on Monday at being healthy. I would definitely ate a the fry night. Love love love fried food.

  6. Oh, dang! u shoulda come over! Move to Kuna ;)

    Hmm..maybe we should move there, your views are much better! Although, I can still see mountains from my upstairs windows, and that is nice. Makes for beautiful sunsets!