Saturday, August 16, 2008

I sat down to blog this morning and thought to myself, "hmmm, wonder if I have any new pics to share!" So I started up my camera and looked at the pics and remembered, "Oh yeah! We went to the park this week!" Seems like months ago. I can always tell when school is getting ready to start back up, cuz the busyness (a cool word) of the summer seems like a day in paradise in comparison to the busyness of the school year. But, I digress. I went to upload them to the pc and realized, oh heyll, I've already done that (the computer tells me so)! HAHA Wow.

Any hooters (thanks, Joni!!), here are a few pics from our day at the park with friends earlier this week..Tuesday to be exact.

Ash and Nikki on the tire swing..Ash really got her goin good!

J & Aaron on the swings. Aaron is infatuated with Jaden.

Ash & Nikki on the swings. Ash pretended she was in a roller coaster the whole time. Screaming and waving her arms in the air. It was hilarious. I later told both girls that those swings are meant to be used by children with special needs (true). They were humiliated. HAHA! Oh well, it was fun to watch them.

Jaden, my super cool guy, making a super cool face as he came running over to me (growling).

Aaron giving the tire swing all he's got! J's lovin it.

We had Bruce n Robyn and their girls over last night for dinner and Rockband. It was fun! We were going to take video of it but spaced it. NEXT TIME! We ate lots of cake, just as a bonus. It was supposed to be poker night, but thankfully my hubby cancelled that. Bruce was gonna come out for poker anyway so they thought, what the heck, let's still come out! Woohoo for us! :) I'm pretty over poker anyway, I have to tell ya. I love having the dudes over, but it just takes away from quite a bit of family time. BUT BUT BUT, my honey enjoys it..and I enjoy listening to the stupid stories our men tell! haha. Who'd a thought that at a poker night, all the men would talk about was their wives and kids! I guess I always imagined them talking about trucks or dirt or something..not these guys. :) At any rate, I'm happy with the way it is. I'm always happy to have people over who are proud of their families.

Today Chris and the kiddos are gonna go see Clone Wars (new Star Wars cartoon movie thing, I think) with Bruce and Collin (Bruce's step son). Then later this afternoon Chris' Mom, Barbara, is comin out to watch the kiddos for us while we go to a wedding! (Happy Wedding day, Jess and Jason!!! WOOHOO FOR YOU!!) Then she's thinkin about staying the night.

Sunday, we'll get up n go to church in the mornin and then back home to shove our faces full of food (we'll be super hungry by then). And, then relax for a bit before we go out to Nampa for lil Brooklyn's birthday party! She's growin up so fast. What a beautiful lil angel she is!! I'll be sure to take lots of pics. And, as a super huge bonus, they're making chicken tacos and homemade salsa and all the other goodies for the party! Oh Heavenly days. And, Kristi says Mike is making the birthday cake! My mouth is already watering. AND, Kristi got a jumphouse for the party, too!

Dave says the boys are at their Dad's house this weekend (who lives down the street from us), so hopefully we'll get to see them and hear all about their trip to the coast!

Well, at this moment, I need to start doing my part of the Saturday chores. The kids have already been cleaning for an hour and a half. "Bless their hearts" LOL. Funny how they can take a set of chores that should involve no more than an hour and drag it out into 5 or 6 hours. Oh's their day to waste! Until it starts interfering with ours and then it's not so cute anymore.

Sure do love you guys. Have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the blessings and the challenges..there are joys to be found in both. :)


  1. Fabulous blog honey, as usual. I love you tons and you're a cutie patootie (hate Rosie). Looking forward to getting dudded up and going out with you tonight. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for taking me to the park with you through pictures, Sarah. I always enjoy seeing pictures of happy children. It's the eternal grandma in me. I don't care if they are my grandkidlets or not. Sounds like you have a very busy but very fun weekend ahead of you. I love weddings! I love dressing up and being surrounded by the happiness of a new and happy chapter of someone's life. Just a little side note...the other night at the restaurant I have 3 young men with wedding rings on come in for dinner and I was surprised when everytime I went to the table they were talking about the wives and kids. I, too, thought only women did that but these guys seemed to only be talking about that. It was really pretty sweet. They were nice fellows and apparently had been taught by a mother or wife how to treat their server. Have a fun fun weekend!! =) Bless you little pea picking heart. You are a gem!

  3. What a schedule. I think school time will make your schedule seem quite normal again. It will be filled with other fun things but at least you can save weekends for yourselves, mostly. Give Barbara a big hug for us and enjoy the rest of your weekend, the wedding, church and breakfast, of course. Love you guys to death and you are so wonderful to each other. That's what married life and family life should be all about. Keep up the great job.

  4. We had a great time! Thanks for having us over. :)