Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tough Times.....

Well it seems my grandma had a bit of a spill over the weekend. She somehow fell down some stairs and broke her hip. She also bumped her head and cut her eye. She doesn't really remember what happened so she possibly blacked out, maybe due to the heat, not sure. At any rate, she had surgery yesterday and they repaired her hip and put in some pins/screws. She came through well and was resting in recovery the last I heard. Not sure how long she'll be in the hospital but hopefully they'll be back home in a couple of days at the most. Needless to say, recovery time will be a bit longer and probably require some rehab. She had another fall a couple months ago and hurt her back (for which she also had to have surgery) and is still recovering from that so its gonna be a hard road for a bit.

I'd just like to ask that you keep the family in your prayers while she mends...its gonna take a lot of work and patience for a full recovery. Also, my dad is driving here from California today to help them out so I'd ask that you pray for a safe trip for them. He's really worried and anxious to get here, but promised that they'd take it slow. I'll make sure to post updates when I get them. That's all for now....talk to everyone later.

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  1. I said a prayer for your Grams and your dad....and you sweet girl!!