Sunday, August 3, 2008


Turns out that my pictures were never in danger of being gone for good. (heehee) This morning I was asking Chris questions about the new external hard drive (he got it yesterday), and how that would affect my Picasa program. Then he asked me to see where the pictures were located (b/c he had moved all of them to his pc). I did and it said they were located on MY pc! He then asked, "Well didn't you delete them off of your pc after I copied them all to MY pc like I said?", that sounds like crazy talk to me. I don't remember him telling me to delete anything..I thought he took care of all of it. So then I said, " I guess none of my pictures were ever even deleted then, right?" He says, "Guess not." LOL!!! Ahh all that stress this week for nothing. Wow..we are two magnificent tools. HOWEVER, the valentine's video was NOT on my pc (until now), so that WOULD have been gone along with all of our tunes. So, he is still an extraordinary hubby (who btw happens to look extra fetching at the moment).

We just got back from church, tried a new one out here in Kuna. We all really liked it (which is a miracle in itself). The older youth stay with the adults on Sunday's during service, so we'll have to take Ash back on Wednesday night when the youth meets separately from the adults. Want her to meet some kids that she'll be goin to school with in the middle school and high school grades.

Prolly gonna take Ash over to the horses here in a minute, Jon's out at Terry n Lana's with his horses so it's not too far from us. Chris is gonna work in the yard at some point. I'm highly anticipating having a nap today..not sure when I'll fit it in, but I surely hope I do! J is finishing up his video game time for the week. Yes, that's right folks, he actually did his required chores on Saturday and therefor is allowed to play his 1 hour of games!! Neither kid has enjoyed that privilege in about 3 weeks. So today they are chomping at the bit. Ash is sort of patiently waiting for her turn at the brainsucker (aka video game).

We still have Nezka with us, Mom n Dad will pick her up later tonight probably, after they get back from camping. Or maybe they'll be too tired and let us keep the little beauty a day longer. We sure love having her here. Sadie does, too. Well, mostly. Although she doesn't appreciate when we give Nezka too much attention..she's a bit like a child with a brand new sibling. Eeensie weeensie bit of jealousy goin on there. She'll get over it. We don't play that game.

Well, have a great rest of your Sunday. Enjoy your time off from the daily grind.

Love ya!!


  1. Glad to hear the pics are safe. Chris, just look at it as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your truly magnificent problem-solving abilities. And, of course, that one day you will look back on the experience and laugh your asses off!!!!

    Love ya

  2. Well, you have a new hard drive out of the whole experience. How is it working, by the way? Hope it is all you expected and needed. LOL

  3. The hard drive is working beautifully. I'm was slightly disappointed to find it was pre-formatted as FAT32 rather than NTFS (technical jargon) which isn't a huge deal. FAT32 has file size restrictions that I don't like, but in all reality I probably won't ever have to contend with. I just wish I had known that before I moved all the data over....would have been nice so I could have reformatted it first but oh well.