Saturday, August 9, 2008

Left side of face won't cooperate as it is numb. Dentist drilled on 3 teeth. Dentist didn't try to kill me like the last dentist did. All went well. Eating egg sandwich proved to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. Look like I've had a stroke when I try to swallow. This makes Chris laugh. Chris promised to bring me tylenol but never did. Must have forgotten. Hmm. Taking Ash to get school supplies in a minute. Hoping I don't drool while shopping. If I do, it will be fine. We'll be at Walmart afterall, so I'll fit right in. Thinking of getting a Jamba Juice later, they are my favorite. Need to quit biting the inside of my lip. Hoping you all have a wonderful day. I plan on having super loads of fun. Still trying to find someone to vacuum for me and/or shave the dog bald. Chris is now running upstairs to get my Tylenol. And..he's already returned..must go take them now.

Love you


  1. Well you'll be the prettiest little drooler at Walmart. =)