Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mornin ladies & gents!

So far it's been a very busy weekend. And promises to continue until the very end! Yesterday I watched Monet (my new tiny niece) all day and then we rushed down to the north end of Boise to drop the kiddos off at my Bro n his wife's house so they could babysit while we squeezed in an Anniversary dinner at Chandler's downtown, which was fabulous. Probably the most fun I've had at an anniversary dinner, ever! Then we raced back, threw the kids in the car and jetted out to Kuna to drop Ash off at church by 8! We got there, I think, at 7:57. Just in time! She then went out with her Teen Bible Quiz team and "flocked" houses until midnight. Which means that they put lawn ornaments (I got ladybugs, yay!!!) in your yard and then have to pay to get them removed, or can have them forwarded to your friends/family or can pay insurance to not have them put in your yard again. It's a fundraiser for their teams trips. Anyway, she had a blast. Then this morning I had to have her back at church by 9 so she could have her morning meeting with the group. She will have another one from 3:30-5 today. This will happen every Sunday for the foreseeable future. She's having a blast with it, though, and that's what I like to see! Now we're gettin ready to leave to go to church, J's suffering from massive allergies. I couldn't get the Claritin bottle open (seems to have some part of the plastic stuck under the lid) so I had to give him he is now very sleepy and cranky. Poor dude. That and he's sad Ash got to go to church before him.

My Mom's (insert massive swear words) dog Buerre decided to bolt from the door when we opened it last night just before 10pm. I had to chase her for somewhere around 20 minutes all over the neighborhood (it's a BIG ONE) with no shoes and in the pitch black of night. PISSED. Finally, just before she ran into the field where I would NEVER have been able to find her, she ran into a mans garage and I said, "CAN YOU GET HER? IF YOU CAN, I SWEAR...." He laughed and got her, she growled at him, of course. Because that's just the kind of "angel" she is. I wanted to slice and dice her, light the parts on fire and dump her in the creek at the end of the subdivision..but my mom loves this dog. And, so I carried her back to the house praying for the Lord to give me grace. He was doling it out in small amounts. But, she lived.

I GOT A SMOKER FOR MY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly because my husband is the best husband in the world. If I can find time, I'm gonna try to smoke chicken today. Tomorrow on our ACTUAL anniversary we're just havin a family day, maybe go out and do stuff and then come home and enjoy a smoked dinner..and hopefully catch up on each others' weeks. So far we've all been like ships in the night. Which reminds me..the kids probably have homework or something I should check on and have them do..hmm

OK, gotta run. Church is in 5 minutes!! EEEK!!

Love ya!

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  1. WOW! You guys have some of the most interesting experiences, and you word them so masterfully. Aren't other people's pet just the greatest? I hope our neighbors didn't have a bad time with Harris.
    Give J a big hug for us and tell him to feel better. Tell Ash we are so proud of her and what she is doing. I'm glad that she enjoys it so much.
    We miss you guys so much and we wish we could have spent more time with you, but as you know, things were really crazy for us. Be sure to check out our blog later. I will post three pictures that mom let us take of her at the rehab center.
    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and that wonderful son of ours. We love you both. Now you are REALLY SMOKING. Enjoy the smoker and let us know how things turn out. What are you smoking today?