Wednesday, August 6, 2008

For some reason I can't post pictures. I'm angry. I wanted you to see my picture of Tex, the Texas Longhorn :( Well, maybe tomorrow. Been trying for two days. If you got my email with the pics in it, then you've already seen him.

I got lots of really fun pics the other day while Ash was riding horses at our friends' house. I feel like I may have already blogged about this, so I'm gonna stop. But, hopefully as the days go on I can post a few of the pics for you.

As Chris told u, we went down for our yearly trip to the Roaring Springs water park. We take the kiddos one time every summer during their vacation. He's right, for some reason this year the vacation just zoomed on by. Can't believe they're almost back in school already! It was a great day, though. Wish I could have had a highly qualified assistant with me to take all the pics! No matter.. I'm not entirely sure that I would have posted pics of me with a tank top and beach capris all wet and suctioned to my body like the intestine casing on an italian sausage.

Worked all day today and then went out to Nampa to water Jess' lawn, they're at church camp. I was trying to get home in time for us to go to church, but it didn't happen. We will, however, be able to go out and get some ice cream very soonly :)

Went to the plastic surgeon yesterday morning for my shoulder. He agrees with the other 2 docs I've seen, thinks it's a lypoma. He says he believes it's the size of a baseball. Woohoo! Either the RM-10 is working and it's shrinking, or the other 2 docs I've seen are idiots b/c they both told me it was the size of a softball. At any rate, he wants me to go get an ultra sound done so that we can be positive that it is indeed a lypoma and not something else. He doesn't want any surprises when he cuts me open! That's a good sign. LOL So, I think I'll shoot for having the surgery done on the 3rd Friday of October. He also says that he believes the other docs and the folk I've talked to are exaggerating a bit on the pain level after surgery. He said it's definitely painful, but that I will have pain meds and that I shouldn't lose any sleep worrying about it. So, woohoo! All good news there.

Having a Rockband night with our buddies this weekend. We've been trying to schedule this get together with the 6 of us for months now. Excited it's finally happening. Will be sure to take pics and post them (in theory).

Trying to think if there's anything else exciting goin on, but I'm at a loss.

This month is CRAZY. I know I always say that. But, really, it is. Maybe I should start posting pics of our wall calendar so you can see our insanity! Oh well, I'd rather have a busy life than one that is dull.

Love you all!!!!!!

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