Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well, you're lookin at the new Hospitality Coordinator for the Crimson Point Elementary PTA..I just didn't have enough to do. So, I decided to take that job on! LOL. I also might be filling in for the Treasurer while she recovers from surgery..and then putting together a few more events. Haven't heard anything from the middle school yet, but I've volunteered there for everything under the sun, so we'll see. Hopefully they enjoy parent involvement as much as they said they did earlier in the summer.

Ash is excited cuz they're having a "lock in" at church for the teenagers. They all get to spend the night at the church and play video games and board games and karaoke, and eat their hearts out...etc. Of course the alarm is set so if any of those lil buggers try to sneak out the alarms will sound! She's also looking forward to joining the Teen Bible Quiz team. Because they get to travel together. Last year they went to Arizona and Montana among other cool places.

My Auntie and her family come in today from California. I will go see her for a few hours after work tonight. Haven't seen her since Matt's wedding! I love my Auntie, can't wait to hug on her!!! Oh, and our friend Neil is also in town. His brother is the one we talk about who is the doctor in Africa..remember? And his father is the one who married us, and my parents. Anyhoo, it's always great to see him. He has an awesome family, always a great example.

Squeezing in a Mother Daughter trip to the fair on Monday night. As in ME and MY Mom! Chris and I used to take the kids every year but it's just gotten way too expensive. So last year I started just goin with my Mom. It's GREAT! We just go, get a snack and then walk around and look at the exhibits & ANIMALS!! WOOOHOOO!!! I LOVE piggies and cows :)

I promised I would make blueberry pancakes this morning for my sweet hubby, so I better get on it. Have a wonderful day! OH, and congrats to Armstrong on her big win for the US and Boise!

Love you love you


  1. Good morning Mrs Hospitality Coordinator! You sound like a busy girl but I know from experience your kids will be glad that you were involved in their school years....although when they become teenagers they tend to frown on you being seen although mine have admitted later that it really was okay. I miss those days!

  2. I'm a little nervous about it b/c their meeting times fall during my work hours so I won't ever be able to attend a meeting. Doesn't excite me a whole lot to be taking on this big of a task without having proper support or knowledge. But, I suppose we'll see how it goes!

    Thanks for the encouragement :)