Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well, good evening folks!

Went to the fair with my Mom last night, it was fun! Attendance was down so we didn't have to fight crowds. It was probably down partly to the economy but mostly because it was hotter than the hubs of hell yesterday!! I was still sweating at 10:30 when we left the park. Crazy.

Then today I got stuff ready for our upcoming camping trip. Made some blueberry bread. YUMM Then made the "menu" and set food aside. I made regular bread, too, but tried a new recipe and cut it in half. Bad choice. I was talking to Chris on my way home and asked him how the bread turned out..he went to check and it was pretty dang flat! Looks like a cake, not a loaf of bread. Hmm. So, note to self, do not half bread recipes. At least not for the bread maker. I've halved recipes that I've made by hand b4 and they've turned out fine. Oh well, I'll make another loaf tonight. All is well.

Work was busy-ish. I was busy at least. Corinne left at 3 for her vacation and Angie left around 3:45..then it was pure quiet which makes me sleepy. But, I was too busy to fall asleep.

Now I'm finally home! YAY! A & J are out back playin with Cody & Andrew. Chris says they've been here most of the day. Fun for the kiddos. They've made drawings and stuff. Andrew brought over a cool book that shows how to draw sharks and whales and such. Cody is cooking his socks on the table, says he's going to eat them. J keeps smelling them. haha

Dinner is almost done so I better get goin. But have a great evening everyone!! And, I second the request..please keep Chris' Gma and Dads in your prayers for full recovery and safe driving! Gramma's had a tough year, but she's a tough cookie. Maybe us kids will all have to fully take over making the Christmas tamales this year! EEK! Hopefully she will at least be there to supervise! :)

Love you guys!!!


  1. Tamales????? Oh my hell that is my most favoritest Mexican food. Said a prayer for Grams and Dad this morning while saying my usual morning prayer.

  2. yeah they're goooooooooood ;)

    THanks for the prayers, she's having a hard recovery but is too tough to let it keep her down.