Monday, May 5, 2008


Well not really, but today was kind of a pisser. First off, work SUCKED!!! I got woken up early this morning by some frantic application team in India. After about 20 minutes of trying to decipher what they were saying, it became clear they needed me to perform an urgent restore. I still don't know how they got my cell phone number or why they felt that calling me directly was the best course of action, after all we have procedures for these types of requests that, when followed correctly, ensure they get the proper response. At any rate, after I finally got them to stop bugging me and let me actually work on the request I got it resolved and they were happy.

The rest of the day was filled with fixing issues and looking into things that broke over the weekend. Pain in the ass typical stuff but for some reason everything was just more complicated today....mostly due to the fact that it seemed everyone I needed help from was useless. I finally had to just end it and put stuff off until tomorrow before I flipped out.

Sarah finally got home after work and I was able to go take a relaxing shower. However, as I got in I realized I had no washcloth. I stepped out quickly to grab one and when I turned back around my foot slipped and I bruised my hand trying to catch myself. FRIGGIN AWESOME!

So now my hand is throbbing but at least I'm clean.

After dinner I decided to try calling the IRS again to inquire about our stimulus rebate. According to all the online stuff we definately qualified, and the schedule said that since we used direct deposit for our refund, we should have gotten our rebate last week. However, when I try to check the rebate status on their website it tells me that no information can be found. After sitting on hold for close to 30 min, a delightful woman came online to "help" me. I had her on speaker phone and Sarah told me she sounded like Roz from Monster's Inc. Total monotone and lack of any emotion at talking to a robot just spouting off facts. In the end, it turns out that they don't show we used direct deposit because it didn't go directly into our account. We used Turbo Tax and in order to deposit our refund into our account it goes through some other bank in California first. So becuase of that, our rebate will be mailed out at the end of the month.


I guess its still better than getting nothing so I can't really complain. However we know people that did the same thing as we did and already got their rebate last week. Whatever though. We'll just be patient.

Now its time to relax a bit. I think I'll grab myself and ice cream sandwich and go retire to the Man Cave to watch Little Peeps with the fam. Hope everyone else's Monday went better than mine. Later dudes!


  1. Oh, my sweetie. I'm glad you are now relaxing. Love you

  2. Sorry for the sucky day son. Hope tomorrow is better. Just take 10 breathes and think of the hippomobile. Isn't that rad? Wouldn't you like one of those in your garage? Yea, forever! Get a good night's sleep.