Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

It was a beautiful day..not sunny, but nice and warm and a little humid, had a bit of a good storm there for an hour or so. Made me homesick for Texas. Had a lump in my throat for the better part of the afternoon. I won't lie, there are still many days when I want to pack up and go back. But, life without family, even if it is in your ideal setting, just isn't worth it. I know we are where we are supposed to be and I'm thankful to be here. But, there's not a day I don't think about going home to Texas. We tell each other that one day we'll buy a vacation home there. That would be nice. My cousin Amy just moved to the Dallas area and my super cool buddy Kim moved to the Dallas area last year. Still have all our buddies down in Houston, too. Hopefully we can make a trip down there in the next year or so. The kiddos always talk about wanting to go back to Texas..they'd be pretty thrilled if we told them we were goin there for a vacation! We really had a wonderful life there. But, our life here is blessed, and wonderful, too.

It's Chris' game night...he's out in the game room having fun with his buddies.

Went to T's bday party last night. We were surprised when we pulled up and saw the Dad's standing in the driveway! They had called us earlier and had Ash tell us to tell everyone Hi for them so we just figured that we'd see them when they had gotten time to settle in and rest after the long drive from San Francisco..but NOOOO, they're like 2 little energizer bunnies! Anyway, it's always so good to see them. Makes my heart smile when they are close. Anyway, T's party was nice. Amber made a super cool cake. I forgot my camera..CRAP! She said she'd email me a pic of it, when I get it, I'll post it for yall.

I found my friend Alan on Myspace! We'd lost touch just before I went into high school, or maybe just as I was entering high school..can't remember which. We had moved to a new house and somehow I lost his info. Anyway, it was so nice to find him! Always nice to find friends you'd worried you'd lost. He's in a band now, they are fabulous!! It's called Lieutenant Marscapone.

Jenn, how did your interview go today??? I'm on the laptop and don't have yahoo messenger up here so I can't chat with you!! Hope it went well.

I was watching some horrendously boring movie called Away From Her earlier..had to turn it off b4 I hurt myself. Now, I'm watching my beloved Alaska Experiment. It's an awesome show!!

We've got a huge 2 weeks ahead of us, absolutely jam packed. I'm not quite sure how we're going to fit half of it in. I'll just take one thing at a time..right honey?? LOL

Chris is going to see Indiana Jones on Saturday with Jason. It's their "Bro's day". They're so excited. They've been planning it for a long time.

Well, I will stop for now. You all have a wonderful night. I love you like crazy and am sending cyber hugs your way!


  1. I know what you mean about Texas - there's a lot of good things there and you all were happy. But, I'm glad you're here... selfish I know, but I am.
    Would like to read the book. Maybe I can get to the library this weekend and actually find it there.
    The end of the school year is always hectic - just try to remember to BREATHE!
    Hope Chris and Jason enjoy Indiana Jones - you'll have to give me your review after...
    Love you all.

  2. Dear ones.... I can not tell you how wonderful it is to log on to your site and feel connected... We love you and it is just awesome to keep in touch. I will try to keep up my end but it will pale in comparison to you Sarah, girl you rock! This is my crazy week so maybe soon... Love, Bethel