Saturday, May 3, 2008

So my husband is the sweetest sweetie in all of sweetie land. I may have mentioned that before..but it's just so true!

Long paragraph starts.....NOW!

Yesterday I got up at 7 (not all THAT unusual..just 30 min earlier than normal if I can help it), came down, started getting the stuff ready for the carne asada..Chris was on a were asking eleventy billion questions, and from about 2 inches from my face, but being helpful, and cute, and excited, so I was ok with it. I think last year we only had Matt n Laura over for Cinco, didn't we? Or was it Dave n Amber? I can't remember. Anyway, we had bigger get togethers in Texas and then one really big one at our Red Maple house before we moved..of course they don't remember any of that and think that this is the first time Mommy n Daddy have ever had ANYONE over for ANYTHING, EVER. hmm. Kids. We have a freakin Pinata for today, hopefully they'll remember THAT! hahahaha..oh wait, I'm quickly digressing. Anyway, then Chris came out (had been on a meeting), ran the kids to school, came back to be my ever so gorgeous assistant in packing the carne into the ziploc bags. I say ziploc but I cheaped out and got good value or something, even though I knew it was a bad idea..well, next time I will remember, ziploc only. We threw that in the fridge, I disinfected all the crap off the counter and sink, kissed the hubby n puppy, and then ran out the door to clean houses all day before going to my "real" job at the shop. Was driving down to Gramma and Grandpops, talking to Jess and where the HELL am I. Apparently my brain left my body, instinct took over and I was headed for the hills. I was already passing the mall, headed towards downtown on Franklin. CRAP! I'm on such a tight time schedule, I have zero room for mistakes, or running for the hills! So, by the time I got to the gparents I was 15 minutes late. Rushing rushing rushing..left there at 11:15, rushed down to the next house. Yes, I've picked up an old client. She was going to school and couldn't afford it anymore, now she can. She hates to clean her bathroom. I'm pretty sure she hasn't cleaned it since I was last there..about a YEAR ago!! Oh, eek. I finally had to quit trying to get it clean (she knows it will take me a few cleanings) and scraping the black mold from the door frame of the shower doors. I was gonna be late for my "real" job! Left there at 1:40. I have to be at work at 2, all the way over on Locust Grove and McMillan! Did I mention her house is over right by my Mom's house? Did I also mention that every road is under construction? Did I also mention that traffic was a cluster f*$&?????? Got to work 10 minutes late. Clothes covered in bleach..ran in, changed my shirt..worked for a bit, went back n changed my pants..finally was in clean clothes by around 3. I was in a super bad mood..thinking of all the stuff I had to do when I got home...meaning, baking 2 cakes, a lemon bar thingy, making charro beans, getting dinner ready, stopping somewhere to get a beer for my carne, etc etc etc. But, then the kids at work just, as usual, made the day better. They don't notice a bad mood, or a hard day, they just wanna hug n laugh and love on ya. I think that's why God gave us children. Anyway, they were in rare form yesterday. Drawing me pictures, singing songs, Kenadee was telling us all about her boyfriend (she's 3). I left work feeling totally joyful. Tired, but joyful! Did I mention that I never had time for lunch? I always bring my lunch with me, but forgot to make it so I figured I'd eat at Mom's, but then I ran out of time to go to moms. So I had a banana b4 I left my house in the morning and then when I got to work I had one of our protein bars that we sell. MOMMA WAS HUNGRYYYYYY I was quietly contemplating goin in and heating up the pot pie I'd left in the freezer a month ago..just as Corinne says, "Hey, Sarah? Was that your pot pie in the freezer?" I say, "Yes" She says, "Well, I think the little people (meaning the kids not my LPBW folk heehee) unplugged the fridge..they ruined everything in there..your pot pie is toast. Sorry!" I think to myself, "Of course they did. Of course you just said that. And, of course it is." I say, "Oh, no problem, it was only 25 cents anyway" Which is true, but I was ready to gnaw off my toes at that point..chew on a cardboard box..scrape paint chips off of the walls..

So, called hubby after I got off work while I was driving home, just as I do everyday and he answers saying (as always), "My sweet babe?" And I say (as always), "HI Sweetie!"..Anyway, after that's all said n done, my sweetest sweetie in all of sweetie land (remember?) says he'd already mowed the yard (our grass is VERY speedily growing this year) had one cake in the oven and was getting ready to do the next one, that he was gonna make the lemon stop n get some pizza on the way home..I almost burst into tears. Thank you God for this husband you blessed me with. Anyway, got and puppy and hubby are all excited to see me..ask me how my day was (I ignore that question for fear of losing my mind). All is well with the world :) I tell them about how stupid I felt walking into Chevron, buying one huge Coors beer with nothing else..we all laugh. I kept trying to do things and Chris kept telling me no..just to relax..hhmm I think, did he burn down part of the house? Did he go to Vegas while I was at work and lose all of our $2? No, it's just the way he is. We eat..I start in on making the charro beans, he helps..they taste yummy. Prolly will end up being too spicy for the kiddos, which means more for me. I didn't use dry beans this time, just used them from the can. Not sure that I really enjoy that method, I think they r a little too soft that way. But, oh was easier for me this time. All I have to do today is heat it up and throw some fresh cilantro and chopped tomatoes in it and it's done.

We threw a chicken in the crock pot last we'll have some shredded chicken for today, too..that is if I get in there before it completely disintegrates. heehee I should really stop blogging and get to that. on the list of to do's is the rice w/ lime and cilantro..EASY. Filling the Pinata..EASY. Grilling the meat..EASY. And then just setting everything out..somewhere..not sure where yet.

We had serious drama this week, also, with our dish washing detergent..did I already tell you this? Well, it ruined all of our EVERYTHING. We have been scrubbing them with a brillo pad and have gotten some of them back to ok..but the sheen to them is pretty much gone. We will be having to buy all new everything soon. Which we were planning on doing at SOME point anyway, just not in this near of future. Cuz like Chris said, DADDY NEEDS A FENCE.

Yeah, I really need to go now. I think the Blogger police are gonna fine me for the length of this one.

Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad your blog was long and, as usual, cute and funny. At least we were cought us up to speed. Speeking of speed, sounds like you were on it. Haha! Hope that all worked out well and you all had a wonderful time. We are thinking of you.