Thursday, May 1, 2008

Yes, as Chris said, the week has been a little stressful. May is a very, VERY full month. I'm wishing Cinco De Mayo could have been Cinco De Juno (I don't know what June is in spanish)..we've got SOOOO much going on this month. But, having the groceries out of the way is a huge relief. In years past it's been no big deal having a Cinco get together..but for some reason this year it's just been a bear! I can't wait to just sit, relax, visit and eat. It will be good clean family friendly fun..just my speed. And, if not, well, the kids and I will just leave.

To be honest, anytime alcohol is involved, whether it's in small amounts (which will be the case) or big amounts (which has never been the case in this abode), I get super nervous and full of anxiety. I just don't like it. One drink, fine..but the stress of hoping people don't get tipsy/drunk at my house is just too much for me. I hate drunk people. Takes me back to a place with other family members that I just don't want to be. That added to the fact that I just don't agree with getting all. I think if you're getting drunk, it's to try to mask something..why not stay sober and deal with your issues. I could go ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, but I'll spare you my soap box. I'd have to say that that is my biggest stress with this get together. I guess one could hope that everyone just brings soda and water..or has enough maturity to drink in moderation. That is yet to be seen. But, hopefully there will be enough respect for our family, friends and family who don't drink or are recovering alcoholics, and our children that that will be the case. If not, it will probably be the last year we do it. Sorry to ramble on .. it's just really eating at me..and probably for no reason...I hope.

ANYhoo..went out with Jess tonight. We had, as usual, a fantastic time. Laughed a ton, ate and ate..talked about everything from here to Egypt and back..She took me out to dinner and then out for ice cream (for my bday) and then gave me gifts! As usual for us, we hate to open gifts in front of eachother, it's just embarrassing!! ANyway, so I opened them when I got home..she got me a super cool mug, we both love these porcelain mugs that have cool sayings on them. The one she got me last year for Valentine's Day said "Without Caffeine I'd Have No Personality Whatsoever"..well, now that I don't drink coffee...hmm..this years one said "Old Friends are the best gifts" or at least that's what I think it brain went to mush once I pulled out the second gift which was a IPOD SHUFFLE!! THe super tiny one! Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!!! I've wanted one for FOREVER..I think I'm still smiling. And then she got me a big bag of the Choxie chocolates that are so good they give me chills, literally. DELISH. A party in your mouth! Anyway, I just love it when it's our birthdays. It's the one time of year that we get to spoil each other. We look forward to it all year long. I haven't decided what I'll do for her yet, but I have 2 super good ideas rolling around in this old head of mine! It's just really nice to have a friend you don't have to worry about ANYTHING with..we love and appreciate each other ugly or beautiful..our friendship is just so easy. The Lord really blessed us with a friendship that has endured all things. We've gone through soooooooo much in our lives, and somehow have always managed to find each other in the chaos and stay with each other for the joys, too. Ahhh, life is good.

Well, I've got a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng day tomorrow. I'm trying not to think about it. Trying reallllly hard not to think about it. But, hey, money is money! And, hopefully it will be a great day. I suppose it is what I make of it, right! :)

Well, in case I don't get to talk to you again until after the Cinco party..which I am lovingly calling the Tres De Mayo party..have a GREAT rest of your week! I'm loving you and thinking of you and hoping you have plenty of opportunities to feel loved and joyful.



  1. Aren't good friendsips grand? It is so wonderful to have someone that you can talk to and really trust. So glad that you and Jess had such a fun time.
    I know what you mean about the drinking. We haven't been drinking for about two years now. We have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer once in a while. Even with that we get tipsy so we don't do it often. Hope all goes well and you find that you didn't have to really worry about that and you are able to just ENJOY yourself and the festivities.
    Love you sooooo very much

  2. yeah, we really did have a blast. Now if I could just figure out how to get the blasted songs on the ipod! I think that will be a job for Super Chris!

    I'm glad I have you on my side with the drinking..if I have to come crying to someone, I know where to go!

    Love you, and thanks for the encouragement. :)

  3. Hey, the drinking thing won't be a's the company that gets us high! I think you'll find that everyone who is coming to your home respects and loves you both enough to behave! 'Sides, the food will be so awesome, who needs anythin' else!
    Glad you are not cleaning your fingers to the bone...we won't care and I'll even help with the afters...!
    Glad too that Chris has retained his language skills. Now, tell the truth, did you use the online translator??? Just kiddin'!!!!
    See ya'lls tomorra!

    Love you

  4. I know all of this is true..not like all the people haven't been here a million times brain just always goes "there".

    Can't wait 2 see ya! Been a long're still staying the night, right???


  5. oh and p.s. I haven't really cleaned anything, just vacuumed downstairs the other day..I'll wipe down the bathroom downstairs and move the plunger downstairs should anyone need it LOL!!! Ash & J cleaned their bathroom just cuz they always do..and Ash vacuumed upstairs cuz she loves to vacuum. Hey, wait! So, nothing out of the ordinairy! I'm not into busting my ass when tons of people are coming over, cuz then I just have to bust my ass twice. ;)

  6. OH! And, 3rd comment now..sheesh..I did clean out my closet and pick up the Messula (Mess-you-lah) on my side of the bed. Now THAT feels goooood :) I think that will be the extent of my "spring cleaning"