Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Mine Momma!

My Mom is. She just IS. If you thought of every wonderful, funny, crazy, touching, thoughtful, caring and adoring word, she would be all of those. She's just always been everything to all of us. She'd stay up till 3am (or later!) to help us with projects, or comfort us when we were hurting. She'd bring me breakfast in bed when I was sick..beautiful breakfasts, not just cereal. She made our clothes, she home schooled us when she felt public wasn't doing a good enough job (and they weren't!), she taught us all about the love of our Savior. She taught us to love everyone, and to be kind. She taught us to be polite and thankful. She lead by example. She still does. She pushes herself so much further than any human should, but she does it because she loves to see others smile. She never puts herself first, and we beg her to. But, she has a servants heart. And because of it, she has blessed so many lives..more than I could possibly try to count. When I tell people I am Vicki Mundy's daughter, they instantly grin from ear to ear and tell me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful and funny and loving Mom. My Mom will drop everything in an instant if her family or friends are in need. There's nothing she wouldn't do or give to help us. She's a wonderful wife and mother and friend and Grammie and sister and Aunt and cousin and anything else I might be leaving out. I am so grateful to have been blessed with this woman as my Mom. We've grown so much both on our own and together..and through it all, she's always been the inspiration I've needed to keep striving, to never give up and to love with everything I have.

Thanks Mom, for being you. You make my heart smile. I love you!


  1. Well, it threw me out so I'll do this again.

    You are an awesome daughter - which reflects on the fact that you have an awesome mom - but the fact that you are able and willing to express your thanks so beautifully is all you, sweetie!

    Hope J is feeling better- is this something that is going 'round school? Hope you all don't catch it and that J is back to his usual sweet self by now.

    Good for you to take the day off! And you have a wonderful new 'toy' to play with! The pictures you've sent are great! I'm making an album of them to use as a screensaver!

    Hope to talk to ya'll later - love you and am sending a great big HUG!

  2. I haven't heard of anyone at school having it. Was probably either a slight thing of whatever Dave n Ambers kids had, or something different. He seems better today. Hasn't had a headache and has been able to eat. So, we're getting somehwere! Woohoo!

    Hope you had a nice day off, we ran around all day but are home now. The storm's moving in which counts out that bbq'd turkey burger I had planned for dinner! Will have to cook it inside on the griddle instead :)