Sunday, May 25, 2008


WWOOOHHOOO!! For those of you who missed the news, we finally got our "stimulus" check the other day. Which meant that it was finally time for me to get my birthday camera!!! Actually, I did a move out clean (as you know) last week so that paid for about half of it. SO, I still have money in my allotment to get my patio set, too. SWEET!

Anyway, hubby researched cameras for me all night on Friday. Then yesterday morning we were both looking at them before he had to leave for his "bro's day" with Jason. I thought we had settled on one, but then when he got to the store later, he found out that the reviews on it must have been whacked b/c the camera took horrible pictures! And, it was the 10mp one! Huh? Weird. So, then he was looking around there and we were on the cell talking..I was researching them online and came across one that he had looked at but it was 40 dollars more than the other one was so I had originally discounted it. But, he picked it up and it took awesome pics and the reviews online were great, too! AWESOME! So, long story short (might not seem like that was short, but really, it was..I promise) he brought home my new baby! I promptly charged it up so it could be ready for Mom's bday party today..took some pics last night and then hopped up bright and early and took more this morning! I sent out a web album but I have to admit I'm a little delirious..if you didn't get it and would like to, let me know. Until then enjoy the 3 I've posted in this blog.

Well, J hasn't had a fever since yesterday so I think he might be able to go to Mom's party..but his head (eye) is still hurting bad off and on. So we'll just wait and see how he's doing closer to the time we have to go.

I better go get things ready for today. Lots to do and time is never on my side!

Love you guys!!

P.S. YAY FOR NEW CAMERAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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