Monday, May 12, 2008


Hey dudes! Well another weekend is in the books and here we are on a bright and beautiful Monday morn. Ahhhh.

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend....and I hope you remembered it WAS Mother's Day and gave a shout out where needed. We had a pretty easy going day for the most part. We got up and made a special breakfast for Sarah and gave her some M-Day cards. After that we got ourselves all dudded up and headed over to Sarah's parents' house where everyone met for lunch. Then we headed off to see Grandma and Granpop Edens and my mom, but they were at dinner so we dropped off a few items and headed home.

Once we got home Sarah crashed and slept for a few hours while the kids and I watched Empire Strikes Back. I tried to muster up the will to mow the lawn but I just couldn't do it. Plus it was kind of cold and windy and looked like it was going to rain so I postponed that nonsense.

OH, super funny story that I'm surprised Sarah hasn't already shared. The other day Sarah had hiccups and came out of the bathroom complaining about them to me. I started saying some comforting words and then......AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I screamed at her out of nowhere and startled the piss out of her. It was both hilarious and helpful at the same time. She was super on fire at me for scaring her so bad but later had to call and admit that I actually got rid of her hiccups. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!!

Well that's about all for now. We've got another full week and weekend ahead so we'll be keeping busy. J has his trial run at a full day of school this week to prepare them for first grade next year. He's super excited and they get to go sit with the first grade class and do first grade work and have lunch at school. We've also got poker, some b-days, another baby shower, Ash's buddy staying the night and Narnia so we've got a full slate.

Hope you all have a great week and remember: wherever you go, there you are.


  1. Ok just to clear things up..since I HAVE had two children and all..I did NOT actually piss myself. That was just an expression. LOL!!!

    The weekend was great, I'll blog in awhile..

  2. Funny ... the two children I had actually contributed to my problem with that! But it was only secondarily victory...good thing she didn't knock ya flat on yer ass!

    Narnia? Already? Can I go too? When are you going...ok, are you annoyed with me yet? Really, if it wouldn't be too great an imposition, I'd love to see Prince Caspian with ya'll.

    I actually get Memorial Day off this year, can ya believe it? And I'm actually around you all for it! Wow!

    Well, there we are...

    love ya'll - again!

  3. They say a good laugh, or should I say shout, can cure lots of things. Glad that it worked and Sarah got over her anger issues once she saw the outcome. Love you all. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's day and weekend over all. Sorry it took so long for us to get back in the groove, but I will try to post a new blog tonight.