Saturday, May 17, 2008

Today was NARNIA DAY!! The movie was great :) The first one (theater version not tv version) will always be my favorite (I think), but this one had some insanely awesome favorite moments involved the two pictures above. Gave me chills from top to bottom I tell ya!

ANyway, it's still 92* outside according to my little weather bug guy on my pc..and it's 9:08pm! Such a beautiful day. Nice and sunny and breezy. Can always count on Kuna to have a nice breeze goin..we sat outside for hours tonight, reading, eating dinner, chatting..the kids all played in the sprinkler. I was gonna fill up the pool but I'm out of D batteries and Momma ain't blowin up the pool by mouth! The girls are upstairs playing Rockband and eating candy. J is watching them and desperately wanting to play with them. Oh the woes of a baby brother.

I'm wanting the Schwann's Man's chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches..but I don't have any and I haven't seen him driving the neighborhood. I could go to Paul's and get Fat Boy's..but that would involve effort.

Chris and I were sitting alone (well Sadie was there) outside, all the kids had gone inside..I said, "You know what's fabulous about tonight?.................We're not doing ANYTHING!!!!" It was so nice to have absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go..we need those moments sometimes. Today has been great.

I finished my book today. For those of you who don't keep up with our book club, it was/is called, The Shack by William P. Young. It was really good! Fun to read..well if you can call it fun.. Chris saw the other day that James Frey's new book is out..we can't wait to get our hands on it!! I think we'll be fighting each other to read it first.

We bbq'd tonight..well Chris did all the work, I ate. :) Had turkey dogs, chorizos and teriyaki chicken..well Chris says it's kind of teriyaki, kind of maybe I'll let him explain that. Regardless, it was really yummy.

Oh, btw, his hummus was INSANE. So freakin good. I had a guacamole moment (u know..the problem I had with guac a few weeks back where I couldn't stop eating it?) and ate more than any human should eat in one sitting. Well, I didn't sit...just shoveled it in and then wiped my finger around the bowl and sucked my fingers clean. Yup..I did.

I'll let you go now. Have a great night! Dad's, I think you leave tomorrow is that right? Well, be safe! Love you and see you soon :) I love the rest of you, too, just in case you were worried.

P.S. I love to use "..."'s

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  1. AHHHHHH! Food, books, food, pools, food, movies and relaxation. What a life! Enjoy those wonderful moments when you can.
    Thanks for the good wishes. We leave Monday morning at 5 A.M. We will be careful and can't wait to get on the road. Mostly, can't wait to get there and give out big hugs and kisses. See you soon.