Sunday, May 4, 2008

Well, we did it :) And by we, I mostly mean Chris. hee I did the planning and grocery listing and the prep work, but my hubby really pulled the whole thing off! But, I DID make my charro beans..because that is something no one can do better than I. ;) In fact, I just enjoyed a bowl..will probably have another later this evening.

It was a pretty quiet day really. I don't think I've ever seen a get together that involved Mundy's that was so quiet! My Mom's dog had gotten lost, so my Dad didn't come cuz he was searching the planet for her. So that left Mom a little emotional. BUT, in the end he found the little diva and all was well! Glad she didn't go far. I think they would've been pretty heartbroken if she didn't show up.

We had endless food and then lots of yummy feasted on candy once Cody busted that pinata wide open. We knew once he got up to bat the thing was gonna be done for! I guess we should have had Ash and Brandon get their swings in before him, but oh well, they both beat the crap out of the they had their fun, too.

People slowly left one by one and the boys slowly left one by one, in upstairs to play Rockband. haha Laura did, too. Steve n Bethel n Wade got a good kick out of them, I think. They are fun to watch....for awhile ;) It's pretty mind numbing after about an hour. Then they all went home.

Barbara stayed the night..we got up made Saturday morning family breakfast just like we always do..eggs, sausage, hash browns, juice, coffee..and Barbara made some dang fine biscuits, too! Then we all rushed off to see Iron Man was a bit too intense for a 6 year old. Well, for my 6 year old anyway. My kids really don't watch stuff like that, which might surprise some of you! Anyway, he made it about 45 minutes into it and then he and I spent the rest of the time walking the parking lot, checking out Harley Davidson's, whacking dandelions, exploring new buildings, etc..he found a walking stick and a stick that looks like a steeple to a church, he says. We sang some songs..he pretended to play some video games (no money) was good Mommy Son time..I'd rather have that over a movie any old time.

Now we're home..Ash is cleaning the kitchen and I saw J run by my window a minute ago (wonder where he was headed off to?)..Sadie's basking in the sun..Chris just got a call from his Dad.

I'm thinking I'll head upstairs for a nap before we go to the gparents' house later this afternoon.

Ugh...Chris just got another phone call..from my Mom this time, I guess our family dog (technically Jon's) of many years, Stella, passed away today. They think she had a stroke or heart attack or something. She loved us for a lot of years..she was a great dog. It will be so weird to walk into their house and not have her there to look at us with those pretty doe eyes and push on us when she wanted to be pet. We'll miss you Stella girl. Anyway, keep the family in your's gonna be an emotional time. We've had quite a lot of family dog drama over the last year. But, Stella had a lot of good years and she was really struggling with her arthritis and everything else, so really, it's for the best. But, that doesn't mean it's easy.

Love you guys


  1. WOW! That really is some intense dog drama. So sorry to hear about Stella. Our love to you and your family. Give them our regards.
    Sounds like the party went well and was a great success. BROVO! Thank you guys for doing such a great job of getting the families together and your friends, too. I wonder where all this party mode comes from. HMMMMMM! Give Ash and J a big hug and kiss for us. Can't wait to be able to do it in person. 15 days and counting.
    Love ya!

  2. it WAS a good time! Thanks to you guys for lending your abode...and putting up with everyone so late! I enjoyed my extra dose of the Good ol' Mendiola Fam...and the movie was great! Although almost a bit much for ME at the beginning... Still was good to spend time.
    Love ya

  3. Actually, usually when we have people over they stay much later than that! So, 11:30 wasn't too bad..we were just super extra crazy exhausted that night so it hurt :)

    Everyone seemed to have a good time, and so did we. A success all around..woohoo!

    Thanks for your help with buying the meat, and for hangin out and spending the night and for making delish biscuits and for joining us for the movie!