Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well, it's time for Momma to post..that means, it's picture time!!! :)

Those are the most recent pics of of our babies :) Here's one of J at his graduation

Graduation, needless to say, was very hard on me..I had to leave after the songs and ceremony to go to work (missed the ice cream party) which started it all off. Why am I THAT Mom. The one who has to leave early from important things. I hate that. Of course, if it had been any other day than Wednesday that they had the graduation, I could have been there for all of it. So, whatever. My life is blessed the way it is, sometimes there are kinks in it, but it's still wonderful. That's what I told myself all the way to work that morning ;) Anyway, it's a strange thing to have your last baby graduating kindergarten..and your biggest baby graduating 6th grade, going into middle school. All of the sudden, I have no more babies to take care of! What is a girl to do? Obviously these kidlings still need lots of caring for and nurturing..please, stick with me here..if you're a Mom you know what I mean. Babies grow up so fast. Most of the time you are begging for them to grow up and quit acting like infants and then you realize, oh shit, they went and grew up while I was complaining. Well..the graduation was sweet, they sang us songs and were all still excited to see Mom's & Dad's in the crowd. Waving madly and smiling ear to ear..most of them missing teeth. Hey, this is sounding more like a rest home.. LOL

So Thursday night (which was their last day) we got the kiddos a little gift and cards and took them out to a graduation dinner. J wanted McDonald's hamburgers and A wanted italian. I said heyll no to the McDonald's but agreed that he could have a hamburger..actually I think it was a cheeseburger he wanted from there, which is interesting b/c he hates pretty much all heavily processed food (then again, what isn't?), at the top of that list is processed cheese. Hmm..oh well. Anyway, we took them to The Ram..Ash had pasta and J decided to have fish n chips instead of a cheeseburger. He said they were good, like Uncle Dave makes for him in the summer. Then we went to Walmart and got all the fixin's for ice cream sundaes. Came home and shoved our faces. The kiddos put in Kim Possible (movie) downstairs and camped out down there (that's their favorite thing to do..who could blame them, their bedrooms are the size of matchboxes).

It was a good night :)

Then yesterday I worked, took Ash with me b/c we had the Edens/Mendiola girls night last night! It was me, Ash, Barbara, Judy, and Rebecca. We bowled! It was super fun. And, we didn't have any men there to be "better" than us! LOL Well, there was one guy next to us that was taking his craft WAY too seriously. Was sweating before he even went up for his first whatever it is..throwing of the ball. Carazay!

Then after that Ash and I went to Winco and did our grocery shopping for the next two weeks, and shoved into that budget, stuff for my friend when she gives birth and camping food and food for poker night. Woohoo! I am woman, hear me RRRROARRR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, it's Saturday morning..9:35am and guess's quiet..we aren't rushing out to do one's is good.

I got to see pics of Ryan and Leslie's (Amber's sister) new little sweetie, Cooper, today. He is soooo cute!! And, so tiny! Can't wait to meet him in real life. I guess the little dude couldn't wait another month to see his Mommy & Daddy, so he came a month early! That's a baby for ya :)

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend, whatever you do! I see a lot of weeds in my backyard. But, I think maybe they will need to be enjoying their home for a little while longer. My back is a little kinked in the upper region today. Maybe I'll trade weed pulling for a nice sit in my chair out back and read my book with a huge glass of water by my side :)

Love ya!


  1. The weeds will wait - enjoy the first weekend of summer vacation (for the kids, anyway!) It's a special time and deserves its own time and space.

    The bowling was fun - and I'm not even sore this morning! Sorry Amber couldn't come; maybe next time.

    Love you all... re-stating: I can't wait to see the patio setup!

  2. I sprayed the weeds and wayward grass with the killer juice instead of pulling them. I'll pull out their carcasses (sp?) in the next few days :)

    Chris is mowing the forest (grows FAST!) and the kiddos are riding their bikes.

  3. Yes, indeed! Rest girl. You deserve it. You all do. It's been one long crazy year. Congrats again to both Ash and J on their graduations. The photos you have posted are some of my favorites, as well. I downloaded them and will use some of them, too. Give them both our love and a Huge hug.
    The bowling sounds like it was fun. It's great that you can all get together and just laugh and have a blast.
    Hope your summer can be a little less hectic and you can enjoy each other.
    Love ya

  4. Just couldn't rest..Chris mowed the lawn..I helped him (a little) clean out the garage..moved some chairs upstairs, cleaned out the pantry..made dinner..NOW we're relaxing :) The kids have been riding their bikes and playing water guns with the neighbor kids all day. My MOm n Dad came over for a bit and J had a water fight with Grampie. It's been a great day~