Monday, May 12, 2008

Ok, ok..

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So..Friday, what happened Friday? OH yes..Friday I prepared the dip for the baby shower..did some stuff around the house..made my man a hearty breakfast..later, I took J to work with me..we left a little early b/c we had to stop and get a present for his friend Kaegan's birthday party and also find me a pink shirt for the baby shower. Everyone had to wear pink. I don't get along real well with pink. Well, I tried on every shirt at Old Navy..found one that I thought could work. J loved it. We checked out, ran to Shopko got the gift, drove threw Carl's Jr to get J some lunch and then rushed off to work. After work, we went home and I tried on the shirt. Chris loved it. I got a look at myself in a real mirror (versus the Old Navy warped one) and said, "I look like an effing sausage" We went back to town to return it and look we had to go back to town to get Mother's Day cards. Returned that pukebag of a shirt to Old Navy..tried on a few more failures then we left for Walmart. At Walmart I found a great tshirt, and for only $6.77. Chris says, "Babe, I don't know why you didn't just come here to begin with, you know they always have what you want." Yeah, yeah..I know. But, I just hate dealing with the cave dwellers who work there..and the degenerates who shop there. Oh wait, I shop there. oops

Well, anyhoo..Saturday morning Ash and I got up bright and early, got ready and left the house at 9. I thought I had everything I needed, but I hadn't made a list. I know, I think it's the first time in life I didn't have a list. And because of that, I later realized I had forgotten my muffin tin as well as the chicken. Oh well..that's what grocery stores are for. So, we went and picked up the cake at the cake lady's house and then to Zurcher's to pick up my balloon order, then rushed down to Mom's, dropped that stuff off, picked up the other balloons and headed down to Fred Meyer to drop them off to be filled up, oh, and to pick up more chicken and to get mini Phyllo shells instead of a muffin tin. The cashier was having a melt down..we squabbled a bit..I had to tell her quite a few times to calm down and that there was no need to be worried about anything..she finally caved and realized, I think, that she was having a "moment". Anyway, then back to Mom's house to prepare the food for the shower. Mom came home soon after that and rushed around cleaning and setting stuff up..yada yada yada..hours later, the baby shower started! It was such a great day. Everything was beautiful, she got SO many gifts it might as well have been a wedding. I think it was the best one I've ever been to. She was surrounded by family and drama..just fun. What a blessing that was! We stayed late helping to clean up and then I went home..Ash decided to stay the night there instead of coming home with me. Mommy heart was crushed b/c this meant she wouldn't be there for Mother's Day morning to help make the breakfast they had all planned together. But, whatever..preteen minds have been proven to function at almost zero capacity. She, last night, came and told me how very, very sorry she was that she made that choice. I told Chris, I can completely understand why it didn't cross her mind that it would hurt my feelings, I know the mind of a kid in puberty..I know that she would never intentionally hurt anyones feelings, and she did work all day making me a special gift. He very correctly said, "yeah, but that doesn't make it any easier" True, true.

ANyway, so Sunday, I got up and came down to make the blackberry coffee cake for later in the day at Mom's house. J came down and gave me a huge hug and told me Happy Mother's Day and gave me the poem he wrote in class for me. It was so sweet. Made my morning. Then he went and got Chris and they came down and Chris gave me his was beautiful as always, and said all the right things. :) Then they started in on making my breakfast, it looked like it could be on the cover of a magazine, of course. Chris just really has a knack for making meals look beautiful..oh, and it was. Absolutely DELISH!

Well, after that we got ready and left for Mom n Dad' there and chatted outside while the weather was still nice n sunny n warm and then when it got dark n cold we headed inside. Dad grilled up burgers (turkey burger for me..aww nice!), then we ate the cake..the kids had ice cream sundaes..I think Dad n Gramma snoozed a bit..then we all went our own way..we went to the grandparents like Chris said..but they weren't there so we went on home. On the way we stopped at Maverick to see if they had my Georgia Peach frozen yogurt. We've been doing that for weeks, every time I come out disappointed. BUT, yesterday they had it!!!!!!!!! So I mixed that with the cheesecake frozen yogurt and entered into paradise. I was SO EXCITED!!! The day couldn't have been any better. Then when we got home I went to bed and passed out for a few hours. It felt SO nice to have rest.

OK, so the power has gone out 3 times so far while I've been trying to write before I have to re-write anymore of this ONE MORE TIME, I will go. Have a great week! OH, and here are a few pics from the shower:

DeAnna and Mom

DeAnna and her Mom, Teresa

DeAnna & Ash

The cake! In case you can't tell, it's a little teddy bear on the horse with a lasso in one hand and her cowboy hat in the other. The shower was in a baby cowgirl theme.
I think if you double click on any of the pictures it will enlarge to normal size and be easier to see.


  1. Ah babe, third time's the charm. Glad the power stayed on long enough for you to get this posted. I think you would have thrown the PC out the window if it went down one more time.

  2. Glad that didn't happen ... sometimes the power just does as the power will and we gotta go with the flow!
    Sounds like I missed a wonderful shower...I'm sorry my hair appointment and stuff prevented me from going. That cake is AMAZING! Where did you guys have it done? Might have to keep that in mind for future occasions!
    Thanks to you all for my lovely flowers, the goody candy and the mug! It's so great! Am again sorry I missed you...the folks got hung up and we got out to lunch a bit later than normal.
    That yogurt thing you do sounds great...may have to try it out sometime.
    Love ya

  3. Cathy Schoenwald made the cake, she's fabulous and her cakes are the best I've ever eaten. Everytime I'm at a party where she's made the cake (my friend Jess uses her) everyone can't believe how good it is! I think DeAnna's Grandma had 3 pieces. :)

    Here's her info:

    Catherine Schoenwald

    She doesn't check her email all that frequently (I think maybe once a week or so), so calling her is always best.

    She also makes beautiful designer cookies. :)

  4. Sarah, I second the cake motion. It is amazing. Hope it was chocolate. Sounds like you are just one heck of a little party planner. Congrats on the success of all your partys. Love ya