Thursday, May 8, 2008

OK, fine, I'll blog..sheesh, don't get your panties all in a wad. heehee

I'm sitting here with toothpics in my eyes to keep them open. Have I mentioned yet that I want to remove May from the calendar? Well, except for my Mom's bday..we can't lose THAT! Does toothpics have a k in it? toothpicks. toothpics. Well, whatever. I'm sure spellcheck will tell me in the end. But, I won't edit this in the end, so that you can also wonder which one is right. (no, I'm not stoned)

How did it already get to be Thursday night is what I'm really wondering. I feel like it's Monday. But at the same time I feel like I've done so much that it MUST be a Monday in the year 2027.

Tonight we had A's middle school orientation type thingy. The principal, who looks like she could be 12, kinda gave us the general run down of stuff and then set us all free to walk around the school and look at the classrooms, chat with teachers who were there, look at projects, etc. It was fun. Ash said she didn't realize how big it was. From the outside it really doesn't look as big, so I totally understand her awe and fear! I hated junior high. Hopefully she will like it better. She's not moving to a brand new state and a brand new school like I did though, so I'm sure she'll be better off!

Ughh I have SOO much to share but I can't decide where to maybe I won't, really.

DeAnna's baby shower is this weekend. Mom n I went shopping for the rest of the stuff yesterday, it was a lot of fun to get out and do something fun with her. My days are so filled with things that I have to do on my was nice to have someone to chat with and laugh with. We also had to talk about Stella which resulted in Mom choking up and me begging her to stop talking about her before I really flipped out and had a total sobbing melt down! Anyway, onto brighter things, I'm making the food for the baby shower, should be yummy stuff. I'll take pics, if I remember, and post them.

Mother's Day is also this weekend (don't forget!), Chris wanted to know what I want to do. 1st, I hate that question. Anyway, I told him just make the big family breakfast that we normally do on Saturday (A and I wont be here that day) on Mother's Day instead. So, he's gonna do that. Will be a nice quiet morning. Then later in the morning/early afternoon, we'll go drop off stuff to his Momma and then to mine. Then back home..I think we'll take Sadie with us. She can't be alone that long. And a trip to Boise and back with dropping stuff off can easily eat up 3 hours. Ahh the Kuna life :) It's always sweet to get home though. I do love living out here. It's so nice and quiet (not counting the train).

The kids are doin great, counting down the days till summer vacation starts. Mom's excited to take them during the summer since she's not working as much anymore. Kiddo's are excited, too. They love their Grammie and Grampie time.

We're goin on our first camping trip with my brother Matt n his loverly wife Laura in June.. CAN'T WAIT!!! We're gonna all cram into their truck (yes, seatbelts for all of us, what do you think I am, crazy??), throw our dogs n stuff in the back and attach their tent trailer and get out of town!! Hey, with gas prices, you can't go in your own vehicle. YOu have to share gas prices. I paid $20 today in gas and only got a 1/4 of a tank. I wanted to set fire to the gas station. But, I didn't. I just bent over, took the fat one up the tail pipe, said thank you and drove away with my head hung low.

I think Chris is doing well, but not sure. I don't get to see him a whole lot this week. I think I'll go stare at him for awhile..he sure is a sweetie. Love him.

Well, have a great rest of your week. Hope you get to do something fun. And, if you're a Momma, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! You're important, you're needed, you're wanted, you're special and unique, and I love you!"

Nighty night


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  1. I know your pain! I think the days are really long...then the week's over already! Oh well - life marches on, guess we should try to keep up!
    Please accept this as my apology for not RSVPing for the baby shower - I meant to! Thanks to you and your mom for inviting me, though!
    am going to church at 11 tomorrow morning - be home by 12:30, just in case your sweet selves stop by to see me on Mother's Day!
    Hang in there - there is an end to May - then SUMMER!!!

    Love ya!