Sunday, May 18, 2008

How could I have forgotten to tell you about J's black eye!?!

As most of you know, my son just adores walking in front of and behind swings while people are swinging on them. He's enjoyed this game of chicken since he was just a wobbly little toddler. We've told him over and over, "J, you can't walk by a swing, you're gonna get hit in the face!" He always would reply in one of two ways. 1. "Why?" or 2. "OK." sometimes he would even reply with a combination of answers 1 & 2. But no matter which answer he chose, it was always accompanied by the look of 'my parents are idiots'. He just couldn't fathom that he was putting himself in the presence of extreme danger!

Well, anyway, last week he finally lost his game of whacked good in the eye. He still managed to think it wasn't his fault, and that Teigen MUST have done it on purpose. No, son, that's just not so. So, although he is still confused as to why he can't walk by swings, he has promised that he won't do it anymore. And, he's also decided that when he's waiting to get on a swing, he will wait to get on until after someone else is off instead of attempting to go up close to them and ask if he can have a turn while they are in mid swing and their body is moving at mach speed towards his face.


  1. Ahhh .. poor J. Hope he feels better.

  2. J,J,J
    Please listen to your parents. They are trying to keep you from getting hurt. Hope you are feeling better now. Grandpas Frank and Aldo hope that you will be careful in the future. It could be worse, but thankfully, it was only a black eye. We all love you and want you to be safe. OK?
    Love you very much

  3. Sometimes experience is the only teacher...thankfully, it was not too bad! Still - a pretty shiner, J m'boy!
    Narnia/Caspian sounds like a winner - guess I will make some plans to try to catch it in the theater. I still haven't decided whether or not to try to collect them all. I gotta tell ya, I'm really looking forward to Indiana Jones!
    Hope the rest of your weekend was as quiet and relaxing. You guys deserve the time and are blessed to have it together!
    Love you.

  4. Yeah, it really was good. Had more of a Disney feel to it this time..some pretty teeny bopper moments. But, when Aslan shows up it's ON BABY! :)

    The weekend has been so nice, yes. I had Leanne's baby shower today but that was nice and relaxing..well for me anyway! Then came home and Chris grilled up some yummys, we sat outside for a long time and relaxed..they played catch..we blew up the pool..

  5. well we put air in the pool I should say (not blew it up!)..there was no dynamite involved.

  6. Damn kids... they just have to learn the hard way sometimes.. I swear Brooklyn will be the same way! Poor J though that has to hurt! Anyway see you soon!