Saturday, May 24, 2008 it's been a few days. Time flies whether you're having fun, or not.

Anyhoo, My boss' dear friend of over 25 years passed away this last week. This is the friend they had started the vitamin business for so that she could afford to get the RM-10 which helps raise the blood cell count (or whatever it is..I can't say I'm an expert..I just know it's amazing). So, it was a quiet and emotional and hard week. In the end, she didn't die of cancer, she was still in remission from that as far as I know..but instead she died from an infection she got after they removed part of her liver. The doc said with whatever it was, they only give 3 days to live and sure enough, she had 3 days. Anyway, they had the funeral on Friday so I worked a full day while they all went down to Twin Falls for that.

Thursday I had the day "off". Went to a field trip at the Zoo and then picnic with the class over at whatever that park is called over off of Warm Springs..the huge one..can't ever remember the name. Anyway, then went back to Mom's house (she went with us on the field trip) to drop J off with her. I had to go do a move out clean for my the rush of the morning I had forgotten to load all of my cleaning stuff in the flipping car. I only had a bag of cleaning rags that I had washed that morning. I was not happy. Mom convinced me not to worry about it, that I could use her stuff. And, I did. But, we all know, it's never as easy to clean with someone else's stuff as it is your own. Or, at least I think we all know that. Maybe I'm just weird? Don't answer that. lol Anyway, after 5 tail busting hours of cleaning I went back to get J and then out to Kuna where I picked up Ash and Chris and we went out to El Gallo Giro (my fave mexican restaurant) here in Kuna and relaxed and ate and ate and ate and enjoyed the atmosphere. Well as much as you can when your whole body is screaming for you to kill it, quickly. I swear, doing move out cleans are death. Absolute death. Anyway, then towards the end of dinner (took awhile, they were crazy busy..that's what happens when you go out to dinner at 7 instead of at 5 when we usually go) J started getting a headache and felt like he was gonna puke. Chris took him to the bathroom..came back, no pukey. But, he didn't look too hot. So, I took him out to the car while Chris and Ash finished their delishables. He started feeling better as he got fresh air and then just had a headache. So, I gave him some meds and sent him off to bed when we got home. He was all better the next morning.

Friday after work we went to Aunt Diane's for a get together...for anyone who doesn't know, the Dad's are in town until the end of the month. They're staying with Aunt Diane. Anyway, Grampa Frank wanted to have a cookie making night with all the grandkiddys. So they all made snickerdoodles, his famous recipe. And, they were SOOOO good. I ate too many of course and was having issues with keeping consciousness. I just don't do good with sugar anymore. My heart no likeys it. Anyway, we got to bring home a container of them so I'll enjoy them for days to come, but this time I'll have only one at a time ;) So..after we left there we had to stop by Target so J could look at something..I think Indiana Jones stuff but I'm not sure. And, Ash needed pencil lead. We left there and on the way home J and I both had horrendous headaches. I gave him meds when we got home and sent him to bed. Then when I went to check on him later he was drenched in sweat and shaking :( Poor baby. This morning we woke up to him crying in the bathroom. He had a fever and felt like he was gonna throw up. Daddy convinced him to settle down and try to remain calm. I set up a bed for him in our bathroom, got the usual water and saltine crackers..he slept for hours. Finally around noon I had him come downstairs for a movie and some Propel. He's doin better now, thank God. Usually he holds onto his fevers for days. Anyway, because of this, only Ash and Chris will be going out to Gparent Mendiola's house today for the bbq. I'm sad we can't go, but don't want to risk infecting everyone there.

I made a 10lb bags worth (and 20 eggs) of potato salad this morning for Mom's birthday party tomorrow. Will make the cake later tonight, carrot cake. If J doesn't have a fever again at all up until we go tomorrow, we might take him. Otherwise, Chris will stay home with him and Ash & I will go.

There's a chance we might be welcoming a new dog into our home. Our friends are having to give away their retriever/lab mix 1 year old puppy, Cowboy. Sadie is also just about a year old, she would love to have a brother. There's one other friend looking at him today I guess, so hopefully they won't want him (I know that's horrible) and we can have him instead! The kids want him to come live with us "right now". We hopefully get to go see him tomorrow. But, he's beautiful. So, prayers on that are appreciated!

Well, I'll go for now. I'm gonna go get some rest and try to ignore the filthy rooms/floors/bathrooms, etc in this house that desperately need cleaning.

I think I'll take Monday off from work..I have the choice to go in, but I think no. I really need a day completely free from work.

Love you guys. Have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend, don't forget to give thanks for those who gave so much for our freedom, and maybe even say a prayer for the families who are mourning the loss of their soldier(s) right now. It's not just a 3 day weekend, it's a time to reflect on all of your blessings and how fortunate you are to have freedom, because of someone elses sacrifice.

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