Sunday, July 27, 2008

"Look at the size of those roots!?!" (well, they were either saying that, or they were having heart attacks from all the digging..not sure which)

J and Daddy diggin

Unca Matt getting ready to rip that sucker out

Me & Dad fillin the hole back in

Matt & Chris planting the tree in our yard!

Laura & Josie lookin at our purrty tree!

Ta-Da!! Here she is this morning in all her glory :)


Our new tree is planted!!!! Chris and Matt worked their tails off, for sure. We got to their house around 6:30, they started digging pretty much right away and kept digging and digging and digging..and cutting and cutting and cutting...... Turned out they had planted the tree on top of some other tree stump so I guess this one was growing into the roots of the old one (or something..I don't really know LOL) So anyway, Matt was cutting out huge chunks of big tree roots just to try to get to where they could dig out our new beauty! Then towards the end Mom n Dad showed up to get Ash, and Dad started helping..they ended up yanking it out with one of Matt's trucks. Woohoo!! We left their house around 9, got out to Kuna around 9:45. Then Chris hopped out of the car and went over to start getting the hole ready for the transplant! Matt n Laura showed up at 10, and they worked until almost 11 to get it in. But, all the hours were worth it! She's absolutely beautiful and we LOOOOVVVVVE her!! Dad gave us some fertilizer stuff that helps reduce shock for transplants, so hopefully the tree won't shrivel up and die on us :)

This morning I took up Tylenol and water to my hubby in bed..he's a bit sore. LOL! Ok, it's not funny..but it is, sort of. That was a TON of work they did last night! He's gonna relax today, and rightfully so. :)

Thanks again, Matt & Laura for telling us about the tree opportunity, for not letting me give up on getting the tree when it seemed like too much hassle, and for spending your Saturday evening helping us dig when you could have been relaxing! We love you and are thankful for you! :) Oh, and thanks for the fertilizer and the help, Dad!! :)

Well, enjoy the pics. And, have a great Sunday!

Love ya :)


  1. Almost too sore to type this, but at least you got a laugh out of my pain. Love ya hon! Glad you enjoy your new tree.

  2. I surely do, but not as much as I enjoy you my sweet :)

  3. WOW! What a gem. Sorry for all the aches and pains, Chris. It was a tough old tree, to give you that much work digging it up. If it can survive that, it can survive anything. It won't have other roots to compete with now. It is a beauty. Enjoy it and someday enjoy it's shade.
    Love ya

  4. awesome tree! talk to you soon. relax and get un-sore!

    love you!