Friday, July 11, 2008

OH, and btw, the Dads say that Chris' 2 aunts and his gramma are all doin better now..thanks for the prayers!


  1. Was hoping for a picture of the newly-planted (hope!) tree...

  2. No tree yet :( Matt went over to let her know that we were gonna dig it up that night and she didn't like that idea..says she has to water it a ton for 3 days before we can dig it out. mmmkay. So, we might get it later this week sometime. But, that's ok, we were all too tired to dig anyway. Just went downtown with them and had fun then all went back to mom n dads and spent the night so that we could go to Elmers in the morning. It was fun! THen we came home later on Sunday and napped :)

    I left you a message on your home phone tonight..let me know as soon as ya can, k? I've gotta find someone quick!

  3. Sure did! It's Check it out. :)