Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hey sweeties :)

Just finished a dark chocolate Haagen-Daz ice cream bar. My honey got it for me when he ran down to the store. Mostly cuz he loves me. I would say that he was uber cool, but my brother informed me that I'm not allowed to say "uber" anymore. Possibly I'm too old? (I'm only 31 for craps sake!) hmm I was laughing too hard at his comment to ask him why.

Anyway..had a play date with Kristi & Kim and their lil kidlets this morning over at our stellar Kuna park. It's kind of a neat place, minus the bazillions of daycares who fill it. I got to hold baby Berkley the whole time, dang she's a cutie and a half! Perfect little girl. It was nice to see the girls again. With gas prices as they are, I've had to cut down on play dates, as in cancel them all together. I miss my buddies!! It's always nice to make time for things that really matter. And, they do!

On the way to the play date Corinne called and asked if I could come into work early b/c they needed help with the website. Um I ain't no website master people! But, I guess the willingness to learn and spend time figuring things out qualifies me. So, I went in at 12:30. Then once work was done at 5, I rushed to WallyWorld to get 2 weeks worth of groceries and a bday present for little Kailey Sue (my niece). And then needed to be to the birthday party by 7! Yeah, we were a little late. If the check out gal didn't feel like completely rearranging my items before bagging them I would have been home on time. As some of you know, I already put things on the counter exactly as I want them bagged so when she told me she needed to find and bunch together "specific things" I almost went postal. But I thought, hey, if it makes her go faster, fine. Put the eggs in with the cans, I care not. Just get the crap in the bag and let me go! But, as I said didn't speed things up. Oh well, she was a sweet girl. A little nutty, but sweet.

Kailey's party was nice, the kids had fun. We got her a little outfit that she loved. The party had to stop momentarily so Amber could put it on for her. Cute. Can't believe she's already two. She still had no clue who we were, that's a feel good moment. Oh well..not much I can do to change that. Just love on her as we are given the opportunity.

Came home and Mom n Dad were waiting for us, we are watching Nezka (their dog, mini schnauzer) for them while they go camping. She's a princess..she doesn't camp.

Now I'm down here in the office listening to my blog music (at this moment that happens to be You are Everything by Matthew West) and Chris is upstairs playing with his buddies. I went through that phase where I enjoyed his game nights cuz it gave me time to do whatever I wanted, remember? Well, that time has passed and now I hate it and wish every game console we own would blow up. And that the part of his brain that craves that junk would dissolve. But, no.

Speaking of my wonderful husband, who I adore, he's been working ALL day to fix his computer. The computer that we transferred all of my pictures over to in fear that my old computer couldn't take much more and would eventually lose everything. WELL, MY computer is totally fine. But now his computer all the sudden out of the blue decided to completely meltdown. WITH ALLLLLLLLLLLL OF MY PICTURES from the last SEVEN years!!!!!!! And, yall know I take a TON of pictures. I have thousands. When he told me (over the phone) I had to just sit there and say ok. Thankfully the Lord had placed me in a conversation with my Mom (she was waiting on hold while I heard the news from Chris) that made any other bad news seem like nothing. The good news is, Chris was able to (just before we left for the party) retrieve my pictures!!! Woohooo!!! :) Good man. He hasn't been able to retrieve a video he made for me one year for Valentines Day yet though. When he told me about that I started crying. That video means so much to me. I pray he can get it back. He promises he will. He's such a sweetie. Did I mention that it was a COMPLETE meltdown? Meaning that all of our music is also gone? Do you know that we dont own hardly any CD's b/c we uploaded them all onto our PC and then sold the actual discs???? Hope he can get that back, too. Oh LORD you never realize how much of your life is on a computer until it goes tits up.

But, on the phone, my Mom was telling me about a little 8 year old boy who is here from the Philippines who watched his whole family be massacred in front of his eyes. His grandma had custody of him but gave it up in order to get him out of that situation. So, he's here now in foster care. I guess he's an absolute sweetheart, that he is loving and a great artist. That he was able to talk about what had happened instead of shutting down. That he is just a well adjusted wonderful miracle of a little boy. I pray he finds a family who loves him unconditionally very soon. The lady told Mom that it has been extremely hard to place him just b/c of people knowing what he's been through. They love him until they find out his past. So sad to think about children who are tossed from home to home, just hoping that they will be "good enough" to be loved forever by the family..hoping that they won't mess up and be rejected again. I can't even begin to tell you how that breaks my heart.

Well, I guess I'll go for now..gonna go up and relax and watch my story and my Project Runway..and my Bounty Hunter! YEEEHAW, Dog is back! Hopefully he's cleaned up his filthy little racial slurring mouth so that I can love on him again. We all make mistakes, his just happen to be broadcast. Still..there are just certain things you don't say..whether in public or private. Hopefully he's learned his lesson and changed his vocabulary.

I have a super long day tomorrow so I dont know if I'll blog again b4 the weekend. Gotta clean the grandparents' house in the morning then go maybe visit with Beth for awhile then to work then to the Edens family girls night (will have Ash with me all day b/c of this) and then rush back to Kuna in time to go see the fireworks that they're doing for Kuna Days! Oh and somewhere in all of this I need to figure out a snack to bring to girls night. hmm

Love you! Enjoy the rest of your week. Look for the beauty and don't forget to take time to pull the weeds!


  1. You are a busy busy girl and for some reason I envision that you talk fast as your mind is going a hundred miles an hour. Is this so? I hope your honey gets your video back from the computer that is melting down. I have one video that I save to a CD for that very reason. Dog the Bounty Hunter????? The guy drives me nuts. I have one friend here at work that love love loves him and I tease her all the time. Hey Bra!! Have a fabulous weekend. I'm off to get medicine. WooHoo!!

  2. Pull weeds? Isn't that what we bribe kids with popsicles to do for us?

  3. ME talk fast?? Well, maybe I've been accused of such a time or two ;) But, if you were to talk to me tonight it would be a verrrrry sloooowwww talk cuz I'm SO TIRED!!! Been goin non stop since 8am this mornin, that's about 13 hours!! Yikes. It's been a good day though, lots of fun mixed in with some work, too. Hope your meds are kickin in and that you're enjoying your Friday night. :)

  4. OH! And a hearty "HEY BRA!!!" to YOU! :) I do love Dog, I think he's a sweet man..just comes in a rough package. :)