Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gramma has never smiled so big for a picture in her life! She was just beaming over this new lil great grand baby. I'm so happy that even if Gramma isn't here with us anymore when Monet is old enough to know her, at least we can tell her that Great Gramma was so excited to hold her, and we have pictures to prove it! Special moments :)

Anyway, her 95th birthday party went great (that's where the picture was taken). She was so surprised and had so many friends there! Mom really outdid herself. Gramma said that J went up to her and asked, "Gramma, do you wish that Grampa was here with you today?" She thought that was sweet, and yes, she did. She misses her husband dearly. And J is always thinking about him, too.

The kiddos were gone camping up until yesterday. They got home around 4 I think. J is covered in mosquito bites!!! Hate those things. But, they had a fabulous time, did lots of things and made lots of happy memories. J says Grampie caught SO MANY fish! Ash had fun driving the 4 wheeelers, my Dad says she's no longer scared to that's great! Mom said they all had fun at bedtime with silly stories, laughing their heads off. AND, drum roll please, J didn't try to drown himself again!! WOOHOO!!!

Well, I don't have much else to say this mornin. Sorry the blogs have been less than exciting lately. Summer blogging has proven to be harder to keep up than I'd hoped! But, know that we are all doing great and having an awesome summer together.

Love you!


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL blog. You are right, your grandma is just beaming. I'm so glad that the party was a surprise for her and what a joy to celebrate with family and friends. How sweet!
    It sounds like Ash and J had a wonderful time with their grandparents. Times like that are real treasures.
    Not to worry about the blogs. I find ours are a little sparse too. Just as long as we know you are doing well and can check in on you every once in a while, that is fine. We love you just the same.

  2. Ditto here - nice to catch up, but not something to worry about!

    The awesome pictures you sent of the party were great...gotta say, your G wasn't the only one beaming while holding little Monet in point, the pictures of Sarah doing the same. Good thing for those little surgeries huh?

    Glad the kids had a fine camping trip...sorry about the mosquitoes! I hate them...little blood suckers! And I hope you and Chris enjoyed the time alone...

    Will blog myself later - too tired right now.

    Love to all.

  3. Oh HELL no..I have less than zero interest in being a mommy again. NO WAY. When I hold babies, they're cute but I just have no motherly desire left in this body. Well except for the 2 I already have ;)