Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Today, we fished.

I'd post a virtual scrapbook with more pics, but nunya folk would be able to view it w/o irritation apparently, so I won't. Stupid computers. Why can't they just do what we want them to do! ;0)

Anyhoo..we started out in Nampa, fishing Wilson's Pond (or something like that). Spent hours there with no luck. Will be thinking of my neighbors who recommended the spot later when I have my voodoo doll out.

Later this afternoon we decided to go fishing one more time, but this time we went to Indian Creek which is at the end of our subdivision. We love our Indian Creek. We've never fished it before but thought, what the heck! We had lots of nibbles but not any full on bites. J just wasn't happy with this scenario so he decided he'd liven things up by trying to drown himself. Yes, he again, fell into the water and began the drowning process just like he did last summer. Only this time Carolyn wasn't here to save him, so Daddy had to! J sat in the grass for the rest of the fishing trip. He's again told us that he won't be getting that close to the water again.

I posted the web album of today and sent out invites. Did you get one? If you didn't, let me know.

Well, it's been a great day! I'm sitting here drinkin on my iced water and enjoying life. :)

I think this will be a backwards blog. Cuz now I'll tell you what we did yesterday! :) Yesterday (Monday) we took the kids to see Speed Racer at the dollar theater. I say dollar, but really it's the $4 theater (that includes the ticket and 2 food items). It was a pretty entertaining flick. Better than any of us thought it would be, but probably not one we will purchase or look forward to Netflixing. And, if you were to invite us over for dinner and a movie and the movie was going to be Speed Racer..one of us would most likely come down with diarrhea and we'd have to cancel.

BUT anyway..on the way home Chris stopped and got me my all time fave..the huge chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich from Chevron. OH, thank you sweetie! We got home and were relaxing..hangin out outside and then went inside to cool off..I think I may have taken a nap..but I can't really remember. Then we all gathered to watch American Gladiators in our room and just as it started, the power went out. WTF??? Crap. Of course this happens on a 103* day. But, at least it was 8:45pm, so it had cooled down to somewhere around 85, I think. We saw all the neighbors quickly congregating outside so we went down to join 'em. Kids all rode their bikes..we sat around and chatted with the neighbors, I pillaged a table from the neighbors down the street who moved out..the neighborhood kids, our nephews, Chris and the kids all played football..oh did I mention that earlier in the evening (in a random stroke of bullshit), a breeze came up and my huge tree in the front (well huge it was about 15 feet tall..maybe more, not sure..hmm..I'll go with 15.) snapped in half. The neighbors all got a kick out of it. Why would it break for no reason??? Hmm..oh well..I'm sure I can run out and buy another $500 tree to replace it..mere pocket change. Until then, I'll just enjoy the spear like stump sticking out of the ground. Maybe I'll go throw myself on it if the week doesn't go well.

Anyway, then it was getting to be pitch black outside so everyone went inside..we however went out back and roasted smores on the bbq..and then thought, F, maybe we should go get some ice so our meat won't spoil. Since Idaho Power had no clue when the power was coming back on, or why it had even gone out to begin with. Of course they didn't. Just as we were telling the kids to get in the car, the power came back on! Woohoo! So, it was 2 hours without power. Fun! We promptly went the hell to bed and passed out. It was a great day, power outages and all.

OK so, in the theme of backwardness..I guess that would take us to Sunday. Soooo...crap. What did we do Sunday..uhhh..(tick tock, tick tock)..OH that was the shooting day. You already know about that. Woohoo! See, this is going quickly!

So, Saturday, we went to Chase & Courtney's 4th bday party! Remember, these are Don and Corinne's twins. I work with Corinne and the kids. Don is Terry & Lana's son (well, really Lana's)..Terry & Lana are who we camp with every year and go to their house on Christmas to see Santa..Anyway, it was so much fun! Those kids are adorable, I just love them to pieces.

Friday night, Barbara came over for dinner, it was yummy!! Chris made up some teriyaki salmon, some rice, texas rolls and salad. He made a boca burger for me. Delish! Then we had yogurt pie for dessert..an old fave of ours. Then we went and sat outside and watched the kiddos ride their bikes for awhile..went inside and chatted some more and then she left cuz she was so sleepy! We found out we were tired too, and went to bed not long after :)

So, you now are up to date on all of our vacation info so far! We are loving our vacation. Haven't answered the phone hardly at all..it's been nice n quiet. Not too much bickering. The kids are having a great time and wishing we could be on vacation forever. It's nice to be able to do things with them. It seems like since we moved back from Houston, our family time has gone out the window. Not only b/c there isn't much to do here (I know, that's our opinion), but money has been tight since coming back and I've had to go back to work (was a stay at home mommy in TX)..but, oh well, life is life! We're glad to have the times we do, and glad to find things to do with our family that cost little to no money. People sometimes think you have to spend tons of money to have "family time/vacations", but really, you don't. Your kids just want your time and attention..

Well, I love ya! Have a great rest of your week. I'll be back to update at some point.

Take care of you! And, someone else :)


  1. That J, what will we do with him. We'll have to give him swimming lessons. We are so delighted that he is OK. I can imagine his fear of water, again. Poor thing.
    We had seen the photos before and were wondering if you had caught any fish. Put a few pins in the doll for us, for them sending you out on a dry run. What kind of fish can you catch in Indian Creek. Is that the same Indian Creek that used to run next to our old, old house in Caldwell?
    Stay cool, keep eating that ice cream and have fun the rest of the week.
    Love ya

  2. Yeah from what I've read, Indian Creek runs through Caldwell, and I guess out there you can catch some good fish. It's supposed to also run up somewhere I think at the North Fork.. So, I was hoping we could catch them at our end of it, too! But, no luck. Never fear, we won't give up!!

    We're off to the park with our friend now..I'll let you know how it goes!