Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today is Batman day, I'm trying to get super excited! Considering that Keaton was my favorite Batman I'm having to stretch ;) But, I finally saw (after trying for 3 days and falling asleep every time) the last Christian Bale Batman movie and it was ok..even pretty good. My bro called this morning, they saw Dark Knight last night and he said it was dark but good and that I should be ok with it, so that helps. Anyway, we get to go see it with Jason and Tiffany while Mom n Dad watch the kids (no way in HELL they're seeing the movie!) so it should be fun :)

Ash is off to spend the night with her good buddy tonight after the movie, so we'll just be having time with the sweet son tonight. Maybe take him out on a bike ride or something.

Other than that we're just staying home! Trying to stretch gas money means we go nowhere! Suckin gas money..

Well you all have a wonderful weekend! Do something that makes you smile..maybe even something a little silly! Like, for instance, kick your wife off the bed onto the floor while she's trying to talk on the phone. Chris got a kick out of that doing that to me this morning..a few giggles.

Love you!


  1. giggle giggle

    chortle chortle

    hee hee

  2. Well, as long as it was fun for both of you!

    Batman had an awesome opening, dollar-wise, and the review I saw this morning said it was very good. I want to see it, but will wait until the initial craziness declines a bit. Enjoy it, though.

    I know what you mean about the gas - my idea of entertainment is to make the 'Kuna loop' so I can see you all - considering it is almost 50 miles round trip... that's entertainment! I don't see how ya'll keep up with the prices. Suckin gas prices....!

    Hope your weekend is good. I will be helping Patti pack to move. Great fun, but I figure I still owe way lots to folks who helped me with my many moves....

    Love you.

  3. We were wondering if you would actually go see it. The review here in the Chronicle are very good too. I guess they say it is long, but for the most part worth it, unless you are afraid of clowns. They say that Heath Ledger may even get nominated for an Acadamy Award. How about that? Too bad he's not around to see his rewards.
    Have fun and try not to close your eyes too many times.
    Tell us about gas prices! We hardly go anywhere. We may check out Batman at the Kabuki Theatre, since it is just three blocks away. No gas involved, except mine. Aldo says that it is not very resonable, either.

  4. We all want to see it here, but may wait a week or so. I have no patience for lines. I have mixed feelings about Heath Ledger's part. I really liked him. His Joker scenes on the previews look fantastic. Let me know how it went.
    Hugs! Kim

  5. Movie was definitely won't be seing it, but I loved it. Heath's part really was great, he did an awesome job. We got there just as they were letting the line go in so it was perfect!

  6. So who wrote that last comment? Sarah - did you like the movie or was that Chris? I get a bit freaked out with clowns, but think I can handle it ok in this ... or am I deluding myself?

  7. It was me - Sarah - and I detest detest DETEST clowns. He didnt remind me of a clown at all even though obviously his make up makes u initially think clown..