Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I just remembered I have a Blogger account. ;)

Pulled weeds on Sunday, and pruned my bushes. Looking nice now :)

Angie has strep so I got to work all day yesterday. Monday's are always insane at work..yesterday was SUPER insane. Thankfully Gail was there so we were sort of full staffed. My back has been all jacked up so I was in severe pain all day. Barely made it home, ate dinner and went straight to bed to have a date with my trusty ol' friend the heating pad, stayed there all night. Feeling better this morning, minus the headache. And, I haven't heard anything from work, so Angie must have gone in. Who knows how long she'll last..maybe just long enough to leave germs on everything. We disinfected EVERYTHING yesterday.

Cody n Andrew came n played with the kiddos yesterday, always good to see them. They're sweet boys. I'm glad they live so close.

I enjoy it when people brush their teeth. It's a definite plus.

Well, I better go. I have zero to share today. But, I love ya!

P.S. I'm not seeing my background, it's just showing up white. Can you see it? crap..guess I'll be messin with that all day! lol

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