Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hi guys :)

The pictures above are of my dear friend Jenn's son, Joshua. We're asking that you all please join us in praying for her sweet little man. He was diagnosed with Leukemia today, after being taken into the doc for a very swollen gland and a high fever. Jenn and Darrell are understandably in shock as this news has come out of left field, but are going full force ahead to do all they can to save their son. Joshua will turn 6 on Thursday. The doctors have given him a good prognosis so far, saying that with how early they've caught it and with the type they think he has (will no more tomorrow), that he has an 85% chance for recovery. He has the port put in his chest tomorrow and also starts chemo tomorrow. They say that depending on how his body reacts to the chemo, he could go home in a week or it could be a month.

He's such a sweet boy, and as you can tell, looks a lot like our Jaden! Anyway, my heart is heavy tonight as I know my friend is fighting this without her Mom and Dad being able to be near her as they still live in California and she is in Georgia. But, Jenn is a strong woman and she knows that we serve a mighty God and believes that He will heal her son. Joshua has 3 siblings, Mason, Emma and Owen.

Father, You say in Your Word that where two or more are gathered, there You will be. So we come before you and ask that You hold Joshua in your arms tonight, let him sleep in peace. Fill him with your spirit Lord as he prepares to face this battle. We know You are the Healer and the Provider and the Deliverer. And we know that when we call on You, You are there. That You know everything about us, even the number of hairs on our head. You know our needs before we know them. And so, Father, we thank you in advance for healing Joshua and for letting his healing be a witness to others. Father, we also ask that You would comfort Jenn and Darrell, Mason, Emma and Owen. We thank You that you are placing the perfect people in their lives right now, that the doctors and nurses and staff are all being hand picked by You, and that You are watching over Joshua and ministering to his spirit. We rebuke any feelings of doubt or fear or panic in Jesus name. We command the devil to flee. We thank you Lord that you are putting a hedge of protection around Joshua and his family, and that You are blanketing them with peace right now. We thank You that finances will be taken care of, that their home will be taken care of in their absence Lord, and that their family will grow closer together through this trial. We know that You turn all things for the good, that you have plans for your children, plans for good, not evil, and we are excited to see those plans unfold. It's in your precious name we claim all things Lord, Amen.

I will post updates as I get them, she says she will try to call every few days at least.

Thanks again everyone.

Love you

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  1. Bless his little heart. I will pray for this little boy and his family and you and yours because you are such a good friend to them.