Friday, July 4, 2008

Hi :) I'm tired. Slept like roach poo last night..damned restless leg syndrome. I can clearly see how someone could go literally insane with this crap. It just won't stop. I loath medication so I don't go to the doc to get anything for it. My boss gave me some bone strength pills, said that it helped hers, but hers isn't severe. I've had mine since I was 16, and it no longer only stays in my legs, it also goes through my arms. I'll try the pills my boss gave me, but if they don't work I just might have to ask my doc for some meds. This is just ridiculous.

Took the kids to see Wall-E today. Cute movie as long as you don't dwell on the fact that they are making the social statement that we humans have all ruined the earth and are causing global warming and that we're all fat useless mindless slobs. The kids loved it. I just long for old normal cartoon movies like Fox & the Hound..we have enough political bullshit as it is..leave it out of the effing cartoons would ya? shit. Anyway..after that we went to ice cream, it was super yummy. While we were there J stole a jawbreaker, unintentionally of course. They were in a jar on a display so he thought he could just have one. Was totally stunned when we told him that wasn't the case. Another stroke of crap jaw breaker 16 cents. Are you flipping kidding me? When I was a kid they were a penny. We've gone up 16 fold in 31 years? Good GOD is nothing sacred?

I pulled weeds this afternoon..needed some quiet time and the heat of the afternoon felt really good on my sore muscles. Plus, it's always nice to have everything pretty. I still haven't tackled the back along the fence..I need a hoe. Not that kind of hoe. A yard hoe..ok, this isn't going anywhere.

Kids rode their bikes this evening..I laid in the yard and relaxed and watched across the street were playing in their pool..lots of other kids riding their bikes in the neighborhood. I love living here. It's so quiet, yet not too quiet. And, it's beautiful..we still have 360* views of the mountains out here in Kuna, the sunsets are amazing. Especially if you walk down to the creek at dusk. Wow.

Tomorrow morning I have to go down and clean the Grandparents' only 2 hours of work this week of vacation. I'm ok with it :) Then back home to hopefully rest awhile before we go back down to Boise to Mom n Dad's for fireworks. It will be a late night so I would love to get a nap in!

Well, it's 12:39am..maybe I should get to bed. Have a great 4th of July everyone, Independence is a wonderful blessing. I'm so glad we have it.

Love you

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  1. Wish I'd read the blog before seeing you this morning, but... Sounds like a great week - family time is wonderful, vacaton or no. and I gotta tell ya - ya'll do pretty darn good in the Family Time department. You are a joy to watch!
    Haven't seen Mike or Claire, either - car trouble they are having I'm told... Mike needs to be back in Eugene Sunday to play with the band. Too bad.

    Hope to get out to see ya'll this weekend - hope that will be ok?

    Thanks for the pictures - I never realized the great fun stuff they had put in at that park in Meridian. May have to go out there and have some fun myself!

    Love ya!