Monday, July 28, 2008

Ever have the feeling you're being watched?????

Anyhoo, I felt like taking eye pictures..this one is mine. Maybe I'll post some of J and Chris later. I'd post one of A, but she's not here. She's still with Mom & Dad.

We're just hangin out, relaxing. Day dreamin of payday which will also be gas day and grocery day. Oh, please Lord, let that day come faster than humanly possible!! The 1st just isn't soon enough!

Had to return the popcorn maker I bought last December for Chris' birthday, today. The $70 popcorn maker. I got it for $58 with a coupon. It was a Cuisinart. Should have lasted forever, but no. Pieces continued to fall off of it at increasing speeds. So, I called the 800# telling them that I had no receipt, no box, just a shitty popcorn maker and asked what they could do for me. The guy said, "No problem, just take it to the store and give them the card you paid with, they will look it up." I said, "Even though they had to order it for me online b/c they didn't have it in stock?" He says, "Yes, Ma'am, you'll be fine." I say, "Ok, sweet! Thanks!" Then I promptly call the store I bought it at to see if they'd sing the same tune. They did! So, today before work I took it down to return it and hopefully get some gas money....

After I explained everything, Elizabeth (my clerk) said, "No problem, just let me see your debit card." I gave it to her, she couldn't find it in the system, asked if I could have used another card. I informed Elizabeth that that is the only card we have to our names. She said, "Hmm ok, well I'm gonna have to give you an in store credit, is that ok?" I said, "Umm, no, not really." With a nice smile on my face..half of my smile saying "but I'm sure you'll do something else for me" and the other half of my smile saying "I'll burn this store down to the ground if you don't give me my cash". She looked at me, and quickly said, "Ok, let me get a manager." I said, "Alright!" The manager (Jennifer) came up, asked Elizabeth what was going on..Elizabeth nicely explained, although a little flustered, that she couldn't find my info, etc. I again told them at this point, "Could it be because I had to have your manager order it on the computer back in housewares?" They look at me and excitedly (as if I've just given them "the golden ticket") & say, "Yes!!" Mmmhmm, I think to myself, Mmmhmm.

She calls the manager, he says he'll try to find a receipt on the system b/c all that they will show is that I paid for it, not HOW I paid for it. (Are you bored of this yet? Then go to another blog cuz Momma just got started! LOL). I say, "I will give you some time to figure this out, I have 10 minutes before I have to leave for work. Just page me when you have figured it out." I smile and walk away, they thank me for my patience as I do. I walk around, praying for the Lord's favor, and call Chris asking him to pray too cuz brotha let me tell you we really need the money.

A few minutes later they call me back up to the register and tell me that the manager can't find the receipt but that they know we bought it there and they can see the receipt online (although not the form of payment) that they will go ahead and give me the money back. ANNNND, queue the heavenly choir! HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH!! I happily give them my debit card, they credit back the amount, I thank them for being so willing to help me even though I didn't have the receipt with me (their policy states you do not need it for cash returns as long as you have your original form of payment with you, but still)..the girl thanks me for being so patient..I begin to walk away and then think, long do I have to wait for that credit to appear? I ask her..she says it should be quick but it could take up to 30 days. THIRTY DAYS!?!?! Um, Lord? Is the choir still singing, cuz I can't hear them too clearly now.

Anyway, I leave..get in the car, look at my loverly gas gage showing at 1/8th of a tank as I start the car..I'm thinking JOY! SO excited to figure out how I'm going to make my daily hour long commute on 1/8 tank of gas for the rest of the week. Suddenly it sounds like the heavenly choir is singing, "your screwed!" instead of "hallelujah". But, I ignore it. I know the Lord will provide..and sometimes the way he provides is through me selling crap to Hastings! Which is where I will be tomorrow before work. LOL!

Have I mentioned that I am NEVER going on vacation again? And that I am NEVER going over on my cell phone minutes by $200 dollars worth? AND that I'm never scheduling 40 doctors appointments in one month? Well, I'm never doing that again.

The good news is, I'm home..hubby mowed the lawn and it's gorgeous..He also made a fabulous dinner that we all enjoyed. And now the boy, the pup, the hubby and I are sitting in the office relaxing and having fun together.

The moral of the story..yes, we are being watched..and I do have the feeling to go along with that. But not the feeling of fear, the feeling of safety. The Lord is watching, and He is taking care of every little thing. I have no need to worry, just need to believe.

Love you guys, have a great night!


  1. What a frickn ordeal. Don't you just love returning things? It is always a hassle, but not like this. You held up pretty well, inspite of all you had to go through. Bless you!
    We were glued to your blog and laughing so hard. Not at you, but WITH you. Let's hope you get the refund very soon. One can only hope anyway. Did you get your books sold today? Hope you were able to come up with some gas money. Things will work out.
    All our love

  2. P.S.
    Did you have popcorn dreams?

  3. Popcorn NIGHTMARES you mean?? LOL

    Yeah, I sold dvds today, got $14 bucks and had $10 bucks left in the account for gas, so I should hopefully be able to make it to Thurs. when Chris gets paid. WOOHOO! :)

  4. You and your family are absolutely adorable. And I so remember the days of wondering if you could financially make it through the week. I had to laugh while reading this blog because I think you are precious and this time will pass and you, too, will remember back and laugh. Thank you for allowing me to view this page. Joni

  5. Joni,

    Thanks for reminding me to laugh :) Sometimes in the midst of the sh** parade, I forget to look at my circumstances from a distance. So glad we've found eachother out of all the bazillions of folk on the internet!