Friday, July 25, 2008

Got this update this morning from Jenn's sister, Alicia.

"Joshua is doing a lot better. He got the port put in, he was in a lot of pain yesterday morning which was a bummer because it was his b-day but last night when I called he was doing a lot better and actually got on the phone with me and the boys. This morning Jenn called and told my mom that they might be doing a blood transfusion because his hemoglobin was really low, but they still might let him out this afternoon so its all good news. I know its from all the prayers from all over this country."

She also said that Jenn had talked to her Mom last night about setting up a CaringBridge site, so I'll let you know if they do. Many of you probably remember that site from when Jon's friend Alex was in the hospital.

Thanks for the continued prayers, the family appreciates all of you.


  1. Got caught up with the week this morning ... thanks for the updates on Joshua and the beautiful prayer to share.
    Hang in there, sweeties, God is always involved in the Plan, so we just need to trust and try not to worry. 'Course that human stubborn streak gets in the way sometimes!
    Hope you are feeling good today - get that surgeon booked, will ya?

    Love you all.

  2. I booked a surgeon or someone who "would take a look at me" and then cancelled it. WAiting to hear back from my bro's doc who helped him with his shoulder. He's looking over my list of approved plastic surgeons to see if he would recommend any of them. So, hopefully will have an answer by Monday. But, he reiterated (I just know that's not spelled right LOL) that it is an excruciatingly painful surgery with a LONG recovery period..oh joy! Just love how people keep telling me that..really sets my mind at ease. LMAO