Thursday, July 10, 2008

I can't remember what I wrote about last..but anyway, we get a new tree! The free one I think I may have mentioned before. The "if you haul it, you can have it" tree. Matt found out it's called a Flamingo Box Elder...ooooh, the flair of that name delights me! Here's a close up of how the leaves look (found it online, this isn't OURS), although I don't remember if I saw any pink on the one we're getting. I just remember seeing green and white. I guess there are different variations. Seems you can also get the same thing in a bush instead of a tree. The pic I found may be of the matter, the leaves are the same. Anyhoo the tree is about 8 feet tall I think and it's got good foliage. I'll take a pic this weekend. In fact, we might be moving it over here this weekend.

My Gramma turned 95 yesterday. Mom & Dad are throwing her a party on Saturday. Mom invited a few of her friends from the park to the party, should be really fun and cute to see the girls visit. Gramma still doesn't know there's a party planned. I hope she doesn't die from the surprise! It didn't start out as a surprise, but Mom figured if she told her she might not go so she'll just go pick her up instead I guess. Not sure.. Anyway, I hope she's having a good day on Saturday. She's in pain a lot with her feet swelling constantly. We'll just hope for the best! I just can't imagine being NINETY FIVE!!! So glad she's still with us, though.

Chris and I got our hair cut tonight!! WOOOHOOO! Kristi is still on maternity leave but I keep buggin her to plllleaaase go back to work cuz we're dyin without her! So, she called this morning and said, "How about today!" Ummm Chris freaked out excited and said YES!!!!!! So we met her in Meridian at the shop she's thinkin of switching to. We got to see little baby Berkley too! She's sooo perfect and sweet and precious you guys!!!

Well, I suppose that's all the news for this week so far. Hope you are having a great week and remembering to love on each other and yourselves!

Oh, and will you please keep Chris' family in your prayers? His Gramma Bea and Aunt Mary and Aunt Claudia are all having medical issues right now. We'd really appreciate it!



  1. Whew! Glad you are still enjoying the job - it makes it SO much easier.
    Told Chris earlier, but please give my best wishes and HAPPY Birthdays to your granma. So precious to have the elders with us.
    Good luck with the tree! I also said I might be there to help - I'll supervise, ok?

    Love ya - hope to see ya this weekend.

  2. Chances are you won't want to be here at all for the tree planting process since it will be taking place at midnight or 1am! We have to plant it in the middle of the night to reduce the chance of it going into!

    THanks for the best wishes for my Gma..hope she'll have a great time. 12 people from her park are coming, it should be really cute.

    And I really takes the stress off of going back when you love your job!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Sarah, I can give you some pointers on sitting on your ass all day, if you like? I'm real good at that.
    Please also give your grandmother our regards and best wishes for a happy birthday. It should be fun for her with all the girls.