Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mornin my little turtle doves! ;)

Having a nice Saturday mornin', are ya? Surely hope so.

I'm sitting around, doing nothing. Might do some Origami with the kids later today, we got a book for it at the library yesterday. It's a book on KIDS Origami, so I should be able to do it ;) heehee

We're still supposed to go get our tree from Matt & Lauras' neighbor tonight..I've been fighting off some joyous stomach bug so it was up in the air..but I think I'll be good to go by tonight. And, Chris (and maybe Matt if we smile at him real purrty like lol) will be digging out the tree..I just have to sit and watch. I should be able to do that, no problem.

I was supposed to go to Jess' this morning to help with her garage sale..but here I am, at home. Oh well..maybe next time! Don't wanna risk getting those little kidlets of hers sick if I DO still have something hanging any rate we've been texting back n forth all morning and it's like I'm there, only not there.

I'm hungry. HUNGRY. Feeling the need for breakfast. Wondering when my knight in shining armor will be greeting me with his sweet self..hopefully soon.

Have a wonderful day guys, take time to love on each other and enjoy your surroundings..even if the surroundings and circumstances are less than you'd like. There are always reasons to smile, if you look. :)


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  1. At least 3 things to smile about - and I always include my beautiful, loving children and gkids in that one!

    The truck is coming to Patti's today, so moving day is here. We worked until 9:00 last night and I'm even going to early mass! But by tonight, she will be there!

    Talk to you soon.
    Love you all.